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March 16, 2023

Jakarta Post - March 16, 2023

Theresia Sufa, Bogor, West Java – Two people have been found dead and four others are still missing after a landslide hit several houses in Empang subdistrict in Bogor city, West Java,

Jakarta Post - March 16, 2023

Theresia Sufa, Bogor, West Java – State-owned railway company PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) is continuing repair work on a section of a train track that was left hanging in mid-air a

March 15, 2023

Agence France-Presse - March 15, 2023

The death toll from a landslide on a remote Indonesian island rose to 50 with four people still missing on the last day of the search, an official said Wednesday.

Tempo - March 15, 2023

Amy Heppy, Jakarta – Floods hit Jakarta today, March 15. Affected areas expanded to 18 neighborhood units (RT) and one road as of 9 a.m.

March 14, 2023

Agence France-Presse - March 14, 2023

Pari Island (Indonesia) – Sitting near a wall of stacked rocks, fisherman Mustagfirin looks out to sea from the tiny Indonesian island of Pari, wondering whether his home will exist for

March 13, 2023

Tempo - March 13, 2023

Ahmad Fikri, Jakarta – Potential danger comes from new movements of the lava dome on top of Mount Merapi, the Geological Agency said.

Agence-France Presse - March 13, 2023

Yogyakarta, Indonesia – Mount Merapi, one of the world's most active volcanoes, erupted on Saturday, spewing out smoke and ash that blanketed villages near the crater.

March 10, 2023

March 8, 2023

Jakarta Globe - March 8, 2023

Jayanty Nada Shofa, Jakarta – The Indonesian government should issue an investment guideline on waste management, according to a startup founder.

March 7, 2023

Agence-France Presse - March 7, 2023

Jakarta – Rescuers in Natuna searched for signs of life on Tuesday after a landslide that killed 15 people, awaiting equipment and reinforcements to boost efforts to find 42 people stil

March 5, 2023

Channel News Asia - March 5, 2023

Nivell Rayda, Cianjur, West Java – Standing on top of a steep slope overlooking a raging river, Nanang Sukmana gazed at the remnants of his earthquake-hit village.

March 2, 2023

Jakarta Globe - March 2, 2023

Jayanty Nada Shofa, Jakarta – The highly disaster-prone Indonesia calls for aseismic constructions or buildings designed to withstand earthquakes, according to President Joko "Jokowi" W

March 1, 2023

Tempo - March 1, 2023

Adi Warsono, Bekasi – Bekasi Regency Government has declared a state of emergency in the region following massive flooding and landslides in the past few days.

Al Jazeera - March 1, 2023

Dave Smith, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia – Five years ago, the beaches on Nusa Lembongan, a paradisal island half an hour's speedboat ride from Bali, were pockmarked with the kind of rubbi

February 28, 2023

Jakarta Post - February 28, 2023

News Desk, Jakarta – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has issued a warning for potential heavy rains across the archipelago for the next seven days.

Jakarta Post - February 28, 2023

Dio Suhenda, Jakarta – Over 100 neighborhoods in Jakarta and parts of its satellite cities of Tangerang and Bekasi have been inundated following heavy downpours in recent days.

Tempo - February 28, 2023

Musthofa Bisri, Sumenep – Storms lingering across the waters of Masalembu Island in Sumenep Regency, East Java for the last three weeks triggered a shortage of staple goods since boat t

February 27, 2023

Tempo - February 27, 2023

Wahyuni Diahsari, Jakarta – Jakarta areas hit by floods expanded from 82 neighborhood units (RT) to 104 RT as of 13:00 hours local time.

February 25, 2023

Reuters Special Report - February 25, 2023

Joe Brock, Yuddy Cahya Budiman and Joseph Campbell, Singapore – At a rundown market on the Indonesian island of Batam, a small location tracker was beeping from the back of a crumbling

February 24, 2023

Tempo - February 24, 2023

Antara, Jakarta – Heavy rain showering Jakarta since the early hours of today led to flooding in four neighborhood units or RT up to a height of 30 centimeters, the Regional Disaster Mi

February 22, 2023

Jakarta Post - February 22, 2023

Kenji Kanasugi, Jakarta – The view from the top of the mountain was impressive and thought-provoking.

Tempo - February 22, 2023

Jamal Abdun Nashr, Semarang – The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) of Central Java revealed its audit results that Wings Group, one of the country's leading fast-moving cons

The Conversation - February 22, 2023

Brurce Muhammad Mecca – Despite the country's good progress in addressing climate change, two recent surveys have shown many Indonesians do not understand climate change or its causes.

February 17, 2023

Tempo - February 17, 2023

Septia Ryanthie, Solo – Solo Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) stated that the number of people affected by the flooding that hit the region on Thursday, February 16, 2023, had

Jakarta Globe - February 17, 2023

Jakarta – The Coca-Cola Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the beverage giant, has helped Badung, Bali, to have 425 infiltration wells in 4 villages that can help store rainwater, acc

February 14, 2023

Tempo - February 14, 2023

David Priyasidarta, Bondowoso – Flash floods hit two villages in the Mount Ijen area, Bondowoso Regency, East Java, on Sunday evening, February 12, 2023.

February 12, 2023

February 10, 2023

Tabloid Jubi - February 10, 2023

Yogyakarta, Jubi – At least 700 residents fled to four different locations after a 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook Jayapura City on Thursday, February 9, 2023.

Tabloid Jubi - February 10, 2023

Jayapura, Jubi – Director of Jayapura's Dok 2 Regional General Hospital Anton Mote said about 300 inpatients were evacuated from the hospital after a 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook Jaya

February 9, 2023

Tempo - February 9, 2023

Maria Fransisca Lahur, Jakarta – The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) gathered data from 2018-2022 calculating the humanitarian and financial losses caused by hydrometeorologi

Jakarta Post - February 9, 2023

Jakarta (Agencies) – At least four people were killed Thursday when an earthquake struck the capital of Papua and crumpled a waterfront restaurant, officials said.

February 8, 2023

Tempo - February 8, 2023

Maria Fransisca Lahur, Jakarta – The 5.2-magnitude earthquake that jolted the southern region of Lebak, Banten, on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, at 07:35:50 local time was quite destructiv

February 3, 2023

Tempo - February 3, 2023

Xinhua, Jakarta – At least two people were reportedly killed in floods and landslides triggered by heavy monsoon rain in the eastern Indonesian province of South Sulawesi, an official s

January 31, 2023

Tempo - January 31, 2023

Antara, Jakarta – The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) reported that floods and landslides that struck Manado, North Sulawesi, on January 27, caused damage to hundreds of resi

January 28, 2023

Tempo - January 28, 2023

Maria Fransisca Lahur, Jakarta – The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) predicted that there will be lesser rainfall intensity this year compared to the previous thr

January 24, 2023

Tempo - January 24, 2023

Antara, Banda Aceh – The Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) of North Aceh district, Aceh province, has reported that 21,389 people from 4,234 families have been affected by the

Tempo - January 24, 2023

Jamal Abdun Nashr, Semarang – The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) assessed that disasters occurring on Java Island were attributable to poor spatial planning.

January 17, 2023

Equitorial - January 17, 2023

Adi Renaldi – It was just another one fine day in late May 2022 when tidal floods hit the Lamicitra industrial zone inside Tanjung Emas Port in Semarang, north of Central Java, at aroun

January 13, 2023

Tempo - January 13, 2023

Iwan Kurniawan, Jakarta – Indonesia's Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) head Dwikorita Karnawati forecasted that January 2023 will be the peak of rainy season and t

January 11, 2023

Tempo - January 11, 2023

Maria Fransisca Lahur, Jakarta – More than 70 residents' houses in Southwest Maluku of Maluku Province were damaged following the 7.5-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, January 11, at 00:

January 10, 2023

Tempo - January 10, 2023

Antara, Imaji Lasahido (Intern), Jakarta – The National Police stated that they are prepared to confront natural and non-natural disasters in 2023 through Operation Aman Nusa II.

January 6, 2023

Tempo - January 6, 2023

Riani Sanusi Putri, Jakarta – Environmental watchdog Satya Bumi lamented the government's enactment of regulation in lieu of law or Perppu No.

January 5, 2023

Tempo - January 5, 2023

Amy Heppy, Jakarta – The Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) said that the floods that submerged parts of the capital city had receded on Wednesday night.

January 3, 2023

Fulcrum - January 3, 2023

Aninda Dewayanti, Maria Monica Wihardja – There is high awareness among Indonesians about the urgency of climate change and the adoption of environmentally friendly habits but until eve

January 2, 2023

Tempo - January 2, 2023

Antara, Imaji Lasahido, Purwokerto – The flood on several roads in the Semarang area and its surroundings began to recede and the train routes to the northern Java area gradually return

December 30, 2022

Mongabay - December 30, 2022

Isabel Esterman – Home to the world's third-largest expanse of tropical forest, the world's fourth-biggest population, and frequently ranked among the world's top 10 greenhouse gas emit

Jakarta Post - December 30, 2022

Wahyoe Boediwardhana, Surabaya – The Indonesian Navy sent hospital-ship KRI Soeharso-990 to bring logistics and to evacuate hundreds of residents and tourists stranded on Bawean Island

Jakarta Post - December 30, 2022

Dio Suhenda, Jakarta – While 2022 saw a reduction in the occurrence of natural disasters, the death toll nonetheless ranked the highest in four years as a result of the deadly Cianjur,

December 29, 2022

Jakarta Post - December 29, 2022

Dio Suhenda, Jakarta – What began as a tweet from a National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) climatologist has spiraled into conflicting weather warnings that bamboozled many Grea