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West Papua

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November 24, 2020

Tempo - November 24, 2020

Andita Rahma, Jakarta – The Indonesian national police (Polri) together with the National Armed Forces (TNI) will conduct massive joint patrols ahead of the commemoration day of the est

November 23, 2020

Tempo - November 23, 2020

Antara, Jayapura – The Advocate for Papua Policy and Human Rights (PAK HAM) has condemned the fatal shooting incident in Ilaga Subdistrict, Puncak District, Papua Province, on Friday (N

November 21, 2020

Jakarta Post - November 21, 2020

Arya Dipa, Bandung – One person is dead and two others injured after a landslide struck Sindangkerta village, Cianjur, West Java, on Friday.

November 20, 2020

Radio New Zealand - November 20, 2020

A human rights campaigner in West Papua has been arrested by Indonesian security forces. Film-maker Wensislaus Fatubun was one of 54 people arrested in Merauke.

Radio New Zealand - November 20, 2020

The British government is encouraging Indonesia to allow access to West Papua for the UN human rights chief's office.

CNN Indonesia - November 20, 2020

Jakarta – Police have released 54 participants of a Papuan People's Council (MRP) public hearing on Special Autonomy in Papua who were arrested for allegedly committing makar (treason,

November 19, 2020

Radio New Zealand - November 19, 2020

Indonesian police in West Papua claim to have thwarted an underground arms syndicate in the region.

CNN Indonesia - November 19, 2020

Jakarta – On Tuesday November 17 the Merauke district police arrested more than 50 people from the Papuan People's Council (MRP) in relation to a public hearing on Special Autonomy in P

November 18, 2020

Kompas - November 18, 2020

Police arrested 54 participants of a public hearing organised by the Papuan People's Council (MPR) at the Valentine Hotel in Merauke regency in Papua on the afternoon of Tuesday Novembe

CNN Indonesia - November 18, 2020

Semarang – Frans Josua Napitu, a Semarang State University (Unnes) student who reported the university's rector to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has challenged the campus

November 17, 2020

Jakarta Post - November 17, 2020

Budi Sutrisno, Jakarta – The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) has pushed for the government to legally process the military member suspected to be behind the death of Pa

November 16, 2020

CNN Indonesia - November 16, 2020

Jakarta – Demonstrators from the Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) have protested the police's actions in blocking them when they wanted to hold a rally at the State Palace in Central Jakar

November 15, 2020

Tempo - November 15, 2020

Antara, Jakarta – General Chairman of the Indonesian Mosques Council (DMI) and former VP Jusuf Kalla has hinted that he is ready to mediate a dialogue between the central government and

Kompas.com - November 15, 2020

Dhias Suwandi, Jayapura – A group of people in Wamena, Jayawijaya regency, Papua, have blocked the arrival of an entourage from the Papuan People's Council (MRP) who were to hold a publ

November 14, 2020

Tempo - November 14, 2020

Jakarta – The shooting of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani in Kampung Hitadipa in Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, on September 19, conjured up memories of similar incidents in Gustaf Rudolf Kawer's

November 13, 2020

Jakarta Post - November 13, 2020

Jakarta – The Army Military Police have named eight soldiers suspects for allegedly burning down an official residence of the Intan Jaya Health Agency in Hitadipa village, Intan Jaya, P

November 12, 2020

Jakarta Post - November 12, 2020

Jakarta – The family of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani, who was shot dead in September in Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, has demanded that the military personnel allegedly responsible for the kil

CNN Indonesia - November 12, 2020

Jakarta – The Army's Central Military Police commander, Lieutenant General Dodik Wijanarko, says that a joint army (TNI AD) investigation team has yet to find any hard evidence to upgra

November 10, 2020

CNN Indonesia - November 10, 2020

Jakarta – The family of Papuan Pastor Yeremia Zanambani who was shot dead on September 19 in Hitadipa district, Intan Jaya, Papua, says it does not want Zanambani's killer to be tried i

November 9, 2020

Radio New Zealand - November 9, 2020

Indonesia's military has denied that a West Papuan teenager died as a result of a raid by its officers.

November 7, 2020

Jakarta Post - November 7, 2020

Alya Nurbaiti and Benny Mawel, Jakarta and Jayapura – Indonesian Military (TNI) soldiers reportedly attacked and arrested civilians at a dormitory and nearby houses in Jayapura after a

November 6, 2020

Tempo - November 6, 2020

Jakarta – The Indonesian Military is strongly suspected of being behind the death of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani. This only moves Papua further away from Indonesia.

November 5, 2020

Jakarta Post - November 5, 2020

Rizki Fachriansyah, Jakarta – Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Mahfud MD has ensured that the government is committed to a thorough and impartial investigatio

November 4, 2020

Jakarta Post Editorial - November 4, 2020

Jakarta – Both the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) and the local independent Humanitarian Team for Intan Jaya reached a more or less similar conclusion about the cause