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An expert's analysis of Jokowi's young millennial state ministers

Tempo - July 4, 2019

Jakarta (Antara) – University of Indonesia's political observer Ade Reza Hariyadi said that President Jokowi could recruit young figures to handle a number of national strategic issues for his second term cabinet.

"Strategic sectors such as trade and industry, technology, and information, or even tourism could be an opportunity for Jokowi to involve young figures in his cabinet," said Ade Reza in Jakarta, Wednesday, July 3.

President Jokowi mentioned more than once that he is considering young "millennials" to become state ministers in his upcoming cabinet.

However, Ade maintained that the deciding factor must still be based on a person's competence who are able to translate the president-elect's vision and can add value to strengthen the government and socio-political stability.

"As long as there are figures bearing those qualifications, Jokowi should not hesitate to recruit them. This can be a strategic step in regards of political regeneration," said Ade Reza who also deemed that it could showcase the government's attention toward Indonesia's future generations.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1221061/an-experts-analysis-of-jokowis-young-millennial-state-ministers