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Gov't reformulates selection for technical contract workers

Jakarta Globe - August 3, 2023

Jakarta – The government has recently reviewed the results of the 2022 technical contract-based government workers recruitment.

The government decided to reformulate recruitment by implementing a ranking system on positions that still remain vacant. The Ministry for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms of the Republic of Indonesia has also issued a ministerial decree on the matter.

"Reformulating the passing grade for the technical competency test is based on the lowest score of the position in question. Particularly positions that are still vacant or whose applicants do not meet the passing grade. So once the position has been filled, those who score lower cannot take their place. This applies to the former category 2 honorary workers or non-civil servants," Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms Abdullah Azwar Anas said in a press statement on Wednesday.

"It does not make everyone happy, but we are optimizing it so we can maintain the quality of the recruitment," Anas said.

The ministry's manpower deputy Alexy Denny said that the system would apply first to the best-ranking former category 2 honorary workers. Non-civil servant workers who meet the passing grade will fill in if there are still vacant positions. In the 2022 selection, the government opened up 567,983 out of 1,200,429 positions across the archipelago. This includes teachers and non-civil servant health workers who have already been working at government agencies.

About 250,432 people passed the selection process for contract teachers. This is equivalent to 78.5 percent of the total available positions. As many as 69,455 applicants for health workers' functional posts made it, accounting for 78.6 percent of the total positions.

The government reported that 51,687 of the contract technical workers passed, thus only a 46.8 percent passing rate. The low passing rate prompted the government to review the process for technical workers. The passing rate rose to 70 percent – particularly 69.6 percent – afterward.

"Those who have not made it should not lose hope as there is still a chance to take part in the 2023 selection process," Anas said while adding that the government would continue to improve the recruitment process.

The ministerial decree on the technical post-reformulation is available for download via this link.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/special-updates/govt-reformulates-selection-for-technical-contract-worker