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Bureaucratic reforms should leave impact on people: Gov't

Jakarta Globe - July 20, 2023

Jakarta – The government's efforts to make changes to the existing governance system should have an impact on the people, according to Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms of the Republic of Indonesia Abdullah Azwar Anas.

"Impactful bureaucratic reforms call for a paradigm shift: from an administrative-oriented input, in which we refer to how much budget have we spent or will use, to an outcome that is based on actual work that is impactful for the people," Anas said at an Indonesian District Government Association (Apkasi) conference in Tangerang on Thursday.

Anas called on the need to adjust budget allocations so programs would be more impactful. In a "money-follow-program" concept, the government would set the budget according to the programs that help spur development in the country. In a "follow result" concept, the selection of programs must align with the development targets and priorities.

"Because there should not be a single rupiah in a government budget that does not bear any fruits for the people," Anas said.

The minister said the government had aligned planning, budgeting, and performance at the sub-national governments. All these efforts have helped the government save Rp 121.9 trillion ($8.1 billion). This also aligns with the implementation of the government's accountability system SAKIP.

About 99.76 percent of civil servants nationwide did a good job in their performance assessments. At the same time, the public is complaining about poor public service, among others. This shows that the employees' assessment scores still do not align with the organizational performance achievements.

"We need to align the organizational performance achievements with the individual performance by adopting the forced distribution. Organizational performance will represent how good the employees' performance is and vice versa," Anas said.

"In the future, we will base [the employees'] incentives, salary, and talent class on their performance assessment results," he added.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/special-updates/bureaucratic-reforms-should-leave-impact-on-people-gov