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Anti-Dictatorship Struggle

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April 22, 2022

Tempo - April 22, 2022

M Julnis Firmansyah, Jakarta – University students are planning to stage more protests until they can meet with the president.

Tempo - April 22, 2022

M Julnis Firmansyah, Jakarta – Minister of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) Johnny G.

March 10, 1999

Agence France Presse - March 10, 1998 (extracts only)

Jakarta – Thousands of Indonesian students greeted President Suharto's re-appointment as president with jhoisy but peaceful demonstrations across the country.

May 28, 1998

Associated Press - May 28, 1998

Jakarta – Anti-government student protests flared again in Indonesia on Thursday, one week after the army evicted demonstrators from the Parliament complex in Jakarta.

May 23, 1998

Jakarta Post - May 23, 1998

Jakarta – Students in many cities continued rallying for reform yesterday, with most demanding a fresh presidential election through a special session of the People's Consultative Assem

Ottawa Citizen - May 23, 1998

Jonathan Manthorpe, Jakarta – As Bacharuddin Habibie announced Indonesia's new cabinet Friday, the question became whether former president Suharto had indeed stepped down or merely ste

May 22, 1998

Dow Jones Newswires - May 22, 1998

Jakarta – After pledging that his forces would protect ex-President Suharto and his family, powerful military chief Gen.

May 20, 1998

The Wall Street Journal - May 20, 1998

Hundreds of thousands of Indonesians marched against President Suharto across the nation Wednesday, while political leaders jockeyed for his ouster and the military took control of Jaka

May 18, 1998

International Herald Tribune - May 18, 1998

Harold Crouch, Canberra – President Suharto's three-decade rule seems about to end, but the succession is still far from clear.

May 16, 1998

Sydney Morning Herald - May 16, 1998

Jakarta – Thousands of students and other demonstrators occupied the state Radio Republik Indonesia station at Semarang in Central Java and forced their demands to be broadcast, a repor

DIGEST No. 61 - May 16, 1998

Habibie's position fell to him as a result of intra-elite manoeuvreing. It was hardly a victory for people's power.

May 15, 1998

Kompas - May 15, 1998 (extracts only from Tapol)

The names of some fifty members of the People's Council set up in Jakarta yesterday have been announced.

May 9, 1998

South China Morning Post - May 9, 1998

Jakarta – Scores of students were injured in clashes in central Java yesterday as campus demonstrations continued across Indonesia.

May 8, 1998

Deutsche Presse Agentur - May 8, 1998

Defiant Indonesian students called for the execution of President Suharto Friday as police and soldiers cracked down on the escalating nationwide protests with baton charges and hails o

Kompas - May 8, 1998

The wave of student actions across the country on Thursday led to a number of clashes with the security forces.

May 7, 1998

Jakarta Post - May 7, 1998

Medan – Rioting spread to nearby towns yesterday as parts of the North Sumatran capital remained tense.

May 5, 1998

Jakarta Post - May 5, 1998

Jakarta – Alumni from 48 leading universities and institutions have thrown their weight behind student rallies for reform and vowed to establish a special network to aid families whose

May 4, 1998

South China Morning Post - May 4, 1998

Jakarta – Clashes between students demanding political reform and security forces in three towns at the weekend left 77 policemen and at least 60 students injured, six by rubber-coated

May 3, 1998

Kompas - May 3, 1998

Jakarta - Dozens of higher education institutes in the area of Jabotabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi) simultaneously staged actions of concern which were highlighted by clashes with

Straits Times - May 3, 1998

Derwin Pereira, Jakarta – In nationwide rallies yesterday, thousands of Indonesian students protested against President Suharto's decision to rule out major political reforms in the nex

May 1, 1998

Kompas - May 1, 1998

Jakarta – A clash between the security apparatus and students staging actions of concern has now occurred at the Syarif hidayatullah Islamic Religion State Institute, Jakarta, on Thursd

Jakarta Post - May 1, 1998

Jakarta – Waves of student protests critical of the government and demanding sweeping reforms were unrelenting yesterday, with clashes between students and security officers erupting on

April 29, 1998

Reuters - April 29, 1998

Raju Gopalakrishnan, Medan – Indonesian students protesting against the rule of President Suharto battled security forces for more than six hours in Medan Wednesday, torching a police m

April 28, 1998

Reuters - April 28, 1998

Raju Gopalakrishnan, Medan – Indonesian authorities released 13 students Tuesday after detaining them over one of the most intense protests yet against President Suharto.

April 26, 1998

Reuters - April 26, 1998 (abridged)

Medan – Five Indonesian students were taken away by what student leaders said were plain clothes security officials and two others were injured in escalating protests demanding Presiden

April 25, 1998

Kompas - April 25, 1998

Jakarta – Twenty-six students of the Universitas Mercu Buana, West Jakarta, on Friday (24/4) around 10.00 local time, came to the State Secretariat Building on Jalan Majapahit, Jakarta.

Associated Press - April 25, 1998

Irwan Firdaus, Jakarta – Police with clubs and riot shields battled rock-throwing student protesters on a campus in eastern Indonesia today.

Reuters - April 25, 1998

Jakarta – Indonesian police detained about 40 students during an anti-government protest at a university in Jakarta on Saturday, local journalists reported.

April 24, 1998

Voice of America - April 24, 1998 (abridged)

In a demonstration Friday in the Indonesian city of Solo, a respected muslim preacher – Mohammad Komar – demanded that president Suharto step down.

Straits Times - April 24, 1998

Jakarta – Thousands of Indonesian students have shrugged off repeated warnings from the authorities to keep up protest rallies across the country as 13 more people were hurt in a clash

Dow Jones News Service - April 24, 1998

Jakarta – Thousands of university students held peaceful protests against the government Friday, a day after a dozen students were injured in a clash with police on the tourist island o

Jakarta Post - April 24, 1998

Jakarta – University students here and in many other cities plugged on with their demands for an end to the economic crisis and comprehensive reforms in more demonstrations yesterday.

April 20, 1998

Jakarta Post - April 20, 1998

Jakarta – Intellectuals are calling on students to continue with their struggle for political and economic reforms, lending greater weight to a youth movement that has grown into a form

April 19, 1998

Java Post - April 19, 1998

"You only live once and must take a stand". This was Andi Arief's motto, an activist who was reported to have "disappeared" several months ago.

April 18, 1998

Voice of America - April 18, 1998

Daily student protests against Indonesia's government have rocked campuses across the country for the last two months.

Gatra - April 18, 1998

The theme and the scope of the students rally extended. The Minister of Education and Culture was criticized and demonstration is beginning to stray out of campus peripherals.

Jakarta Post - April 18, 1998

Jakarta – Huge numbers of students in many cities were kept up their fervent protests for lower prices and sweeping reforms yesterday with housewives in one city helping to boost the ra

Reuters - April 18, 1998

Lewa Pardomuan, Jakarta – Indonesian students launched a full-blown attack on the government during a rare dialogue with cabinet ministers on Saturday, accusing President Suharto of fai

April 16, 1998

Kompas - April 16, 1998

Jakarta – Students from universities of whole Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabotabek) all at once held a peaceful demonstration in 30 campuses.

Jakarta Post - April 16, 1998

Jakarta – Thousands of students kept up their demands for reforms and lower prices of basic commodities yesterday in on-campus rallies organized concurrently at dozens of universities.

April 7, 1998

Dow Jones New Service - April 7, 1998

Jakarta – A top military commander has accused East Timorese separatists of infiltrating student protests to stir up anti-government sentiment, the official Antara news agency reported

April 6, 1998

Jakarta Post - April 6, 1998

Jakarta – Minister of Education and Culture Wiranto Arismunandar banned Saturday students from being involved in practical political activities, a move that immediately drew harsh criti

April 4, 1998

Kompas - April 4, 1998

Yogyakarta – Violence occurred again at the demonstration in the Gajah Mada University (UGM)'s Campus and the IKIP (Teacher's Training College) in Yogyakarta, Friday (3/4).

April 3, 1998

Kompas - April 3, 1998 (posted by ASIET)

Yogyakarta – Student actions have entered a new phase, moving off campus.

April 2, 1998

Dow Jones News Service - April 2, 1998

Jakarta – Police fired tear gas at rock-throwing students after a big anti-government protest turned violent, witnesses said.

Kompas - April 2, 1998

Jakarta – Demonstrations still happen at a number of campusses, with unchanged demands, namely about economical and political reforms.

March 26, 1998

Kompas - March 26, 1998

Jakarta – A clash between demonstrators and security personnel has again occurred on the campus of UNS, Solo on Wednesday (25/3) yesterday.

March 20, 1998

Kompas - March 20, 1998

Jakarta - Minister for Education and Culture Wiranto Arismunandar has commissioned a special report on the clashes between students and security forces which occurred at the University

March 19, 1998

Concerned People's Committee - March 19, 1998

[The following is an abridged translation of a chronology of an action by the Concerned People's Committee (Aksi Komete Peduli Rakyat).

Reuters - March 19, 1998

Jakarta – Indonesian police and students clashed in the West Java city of Bandung as security forces sought to prevent campus protests against the government spilling onto the streets,