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Clashs at 11 March University

Kompas - March 26, 1998

Jakarta – A clash between demonstrators and security personnel has again occurred on the campus of UNS, Solo on Wednesday (25/3) yesterday. The incident took place at about 13.50 West Indonesia Time, some ten meters in front of the campus gate. The reason was that no agreement was reached between the security apparatus and the demonstrators concerning the demarcation line of the campus area. As a result of the incident, five students were injured, two among whom had to be treated in hospital. Some 39 persons were affected by tear gas.

This clash between demonstrators and security at the UNS is the second occurrence, the previous event occurring on 17 March.

Police Colonel Imam Soewangsa emphasized to journalists that there were strong indications that the demonstrators had been infiltrated by the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). He mentioned a number of names of those who had been active in the Indonesian Students Solidarity for Democracy (SMID), which is a substructure of the Democratic People's Party (PRD), and which had been behind the demonstration of sentiments. He said that was no idle talk, because their files were at his office. The demonstrators rejected that they had been infiltrated by the PKI and PRD.

According to Yoyok, of the UNS Emergency Coordination Board, 39 people affected by tear gas were on record. Five students suffered injuries, but only two were rushed off to the Dr Moewardi Solo hospital.

In Medan, some 100 students of the North Sumatra State Islamic Religion Institute (IAIN) staged a demonstration of concern on their campus on Jl Sutomo. They demanded lowering of prices, and that reformation of politics, economics and law be carried out soon.

The campus of Universitas Lampung (Unila), which was busy with student actions during the past week, looked quiet yesterday. There were no more free forums and hunger strikes. Academic activities have started to return to normal.

Concerning the intelligence agent who was beaten by students last Tuesday (23/3), Korem 43/Garuda Hitam commander Col. Simbolon, through the unit's information head, conveyed that the man was not an Armed Forces intelligence agent , but a technical person from Telecommunications. However, the information official could not yet comment on the intelligence identity card found on the person, Shn (39), (Kompas, 25/3).

Still normal

Ismail H Metareum, general chairman of the Development Unity Party (PPP), considers the student actions still normal as they do not carry out actions out of bounds. He also considered as positive the student delegation which came to the Parliament to convey their aspirations.

When met after the Open Meeting of Professors of Universitas Indonesia to evaluate the dissertation of Dr Arifin Tambunan at the university in Jakarta on Wednesday (25/3), he said that the students now wanted dialogue with a government able to clarify what they were pondering.

Meanwhile, Social Affairs Minister Mrs Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana said, concerning the waxing actions of concern of students in Indonesia, that students indeed have to be critical, but should also know the rules, as long as the actions are carried out on campus. Their criticism is needed, for without with we would grow lax.