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Lampung university shook again

Kompas - April 2, 1998

Jakarta – Demonstrations still happen at a number of campusses, with unchanged demands, namely about economical and political reforms. Eventhough the demonstrations occur in the campusses, at some places happened "try outs" to go out of the campus.

The Lampung University (Unila) Campus which in the last week

was free from various peaceful demonstrations, was Tuesday (1/4) shaken again. More than 100 students, shouting pro-reformation yells tried to make a break through out of the campus. But the demonstrants failed to break through the gate at the crossing of Soemantri Brodjonegoro Street and Zainal Abidin Street which was blocked by the security apparature. Four trucks of the apparature were on the alert around the gate.

In front of the apparature, at a distance of about 20 meter the students continued to shout which was coloured by reading poems. The students declined a dialogue, either with the ABRI leadership or with President Soeharto. During the action some guards who were at the gate prevented the students who could not show their student card to enter the campus.


In Pontianak about 350 students from Universitas Tanjungpura (Untan) held a demonstration at the yard of said state university.

The theme of their struggle in this action was about social diseases, among others collusion, corruption, nepotism which often occurred in various govt policies which was considered degrading the people's moral.

At the orderly action the students displayed hundreds of posters and banners containing demands. They planned to hold a long march from the campus to the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) Office of West Kalimantan for a dialogue with the representatives of the people. Hundreds of guards outside the campus foiled the plan.

Meanwhile tens of students from various universities in Aceh came at the same day at the DPRD Aceh to convey their concern about the recent situation. They called themselves anti arrogance, violence, collusion, corruption and nepotism students and demanded that more attention should be given to matters which could make the govt foundations collapse like corruption, collusion, nepotism, violence and arrogance.

Not violating HAM The Chairman of the subcommission for Monitoring of the National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM) Dr AA Baramuli clarified that the student demonstrations in the campusses were not violations of human rights, were even the embodiment of HAM, namely freedom of speech. As long as they remained in the campus the apparature could not just arrest the demonstrating students. Barumuli was at the meeting sided by Dr Albert Hasibuan and Soegiri. He said that Komnas HAM was continuously sending its members for direct monitoring.