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'I was nobody 3 months ago': Gibran says after clear signs of election victory

Jakarta Globe - February 14, 2024

Heru Andriyanto, Jakarta – Vice-presidential candidate Gibran Rakabuming Raka expressed overwhelming emotions in front of thousands of supporters on Wednesday evening after quick count results indicated a convincing victory.

The eldest son of President Joko Widodo is the running mate of presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, who, according to all major pollsters, has secured 57-58 percent of the vote in the election earlier in the day.

"Three months ago, I was nobody – I was ridiculed as plonga-plongo [ignorant] and nicknamed Samsul. People also said I was afraid of appearing on the debate stage," Gibran said in a televised address from the Istora Sports Stadium in Jakarta.

"However, thanks to the support and prayers from all of you, I'm now standing right here with Mr. Prabowo."

Gibran, 36, expressed surprise at the quick count results indicating an outright win without the need for a runoff, attributing the achievement to growing support from young voters.

He extended respect to rival presidential candidates Anies Baswedan and Ganjar Pranowo and their running mates, Muhaimin Iskandar and Mohammad Mahfud MD, telling his supporters that the rivalry is over and it's time to reconcile.

"We are all brothers and sisters, so you should refrain from discrediting other candidates," he said.

Prabowo's choice of Gibran as his running mate is a key factor in his convincing victory. Since the pair was registered with the General Election Commission (KPU) in October, Prabowo's electability has soared and surpassed that of Ganjar, the early frontrunner in the presidential election.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/i-was-nobody-3-months-ago-gibran-says-after-clear-signs-of-election-victor