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Flooding and arson impact voting process in the 2024 election

Jakarta Globe - February 14, 2024

Widy Wicaksono & Ayos Carlos & Jamaah, Semarang – Despite incidents of flooding and arson occurring in various areas, the General Election Commission (KPU) reported that the voting process for the 2024 election proceeded smoothly.

Floods were reported in Demak, Central Java, as well as several locations in Jakarta and Lampung. Meanwhile, incidents of logistical arson were recorded in Papua.

Despite these challenges, KPU chairman Hasyim Asy'ari mentioned that overall, the voting process for the 2024 elections went smoothly.

"There have been reports from several provinces and districts affected by floods. In Papua, ballot boxes were being attacked and their contents dismantled in three districts in Paniai Regency in Central Papua," said Hasyim in Semarang on Wednesday.

In Demak Regency, one sub-district and ten villages were submerged, causing 112 polling stations (TPS) to be unable to conduct simultaneous voting today.

Meanwhile, in Semarang City, rain has been pouring since the morning, leading to the relocation of several polling stations in North Semarang due to waterlogging at the entrance access points.

Despite facing challenges in various regions, Hasyim said the overall voting process for the 2024 elections proceeded smoothly, with a high level of enthusiasm from the public.

"Praise God, everything went smoothly. It was carried out according to the schedule. Some might have had to postpone their schedules due to rainy weather," he added.

In the event of a delayed voting process, Hasyim said polling stations have the flexibility to commence later than the initially scheduled time of 07:00 AM. Alternatively, they can opt to participate in a subsequent election, the timing of which has yet to be determined.

The voting process experienced delays on Wednesday morning in Cempaka Baru in Central Jakarta, as torrential rain caused the collapse of three polling station (TPS) tents.

Meanwhile, despite the persistent 70 cm flooding in Cakung in East Jakarta, hundreds of residents are determined to cast their votes.

According to Agus Kurniawan, the Chairman of the Polling Station Officers (KPPS) at TPS 158 in Cakung, the voting process will proceed by relocating to an emergency site.

An incident of alleged misplaced ballot papers in Madura has also gained attention amidst the ongoing elections.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/flooding-and-arson-impact-voting-process-in-the-2024-electio