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Labor Party threatens mass protest of 25,000 demonstrators, Said Iqbal accuses DPR of violating human rights

Tempo - December 12, 2022

Muhsin Sabilillah, Jakarta – The Labor Party has threatened massive demonstrations to protest against the Criminal Law Code Draft (RKUHP), said the party president Said Iqbal. He said that the House of Representatives (DPR) had violated the Declaration of Human Rights.

"If our demands are not heard, the Labor Party will organize 25,000 workers, farmers and fishermen on December 15 to take to the streets," he said on Dec. 10

On Sunday, December 10, the Labor Party demonstrated against the Draft Criminal Code while commemorating Human Rights Day at the Horse Statue on. "The Criminal Code Law places citizens as 'criminals'," he said.

The article on insulting the president, eliminates the president's human side. A president should be ready to be criticized. Insults, he said, should be seen as a way for the people to express themselves.

"If they are punished, then the human side of the president will be lost. Because it would make it as if the president is an inanimate object, a symbol, which should not be criticized," Said remarked.

Said added that although the Criminal Code has an exception for criticism and demonstrations, the definition is questionable. "Those are the interpretations of the most dangerous security apparatus. They say as they please," he said.

Labor Party asks Jokowi not to sign RKUHP

Said also asked President Jokowi not to sign and assign a number to the RKUHP. In addition to rejecting the RKUHP, the Labor Party also had other demands including rejecting the Job Creation Law, and the ratification of the Domestic Worker Protection Bill (PPRT).

Laborers are also rejecting low wages and outsourcing as well as demanding guaranteed food, education, housing, clean water, and unemployment benefits; as well as demanding that the government thoroughly investigate all cases of human rights violations that have been recommended by Komnas HAM.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1667243/labor-party-threatens-mass-protest-of-25000-demonstrators-said-iqbal-accuses-dpr-of-violating-human-right