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TNI soldiers in Keerom persecute children to severe illness, unable to eat

Tabloid Jubi - November 1, 2022

Jayapura, Jubi – Rahmat Paisei, 14, one of the three children allegedly persecuted by the Indonesian Military (TNI) members has not been able to eat. Paisei's family demanded that TNI soldiers who committed the torture to be prosecuted.

Soldiers tortured Rahmat Paisei, Bastian Bate (13), and Laurents Kaung (11) at the Cartenz Task Force Post in Arso District, Keerom Regency on Thursday, October 27, 2022. They used chains, coils of wire, and water hoses. The abuse only stopped when the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Police arrived.

Since then, Paisei, Bate, and Kaung have been treated at Marthen Indey Army Hospital in Jayapura City. Rahmat's mother, Elvi Yoku, said that for four days, Rahmat Paisei has not been able to eat. Every time he is given food or water, Rahmat always vomits.

"Until Sunday, he couldn't eat, his stomach was still disturbed. He keeps vomiting even only by drinking water," Yoku told Jubi on Sunday.

Yoku said the scars on Paisei's body had not disappeared. Some of the scars from the beating were blackened. Yoku said that the soldiers tortured her son like an animal.

"Some [beating scars] are still red and some have turned black. He was beaten from head to toe, everything was injured. His thighs and feet were stepped on by soldiers, his stomach was pounded repeatedly, and his neck was strangled," said Yoku.

Yoku said she had provided information to the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Police. The family has also reported to the Papua National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM Papua). "The perpetrators must be prosecuted. As for the other victims, one of them still experiences headaches and pain in the spine," he said.

Rahmat Paisei admitted that until now he has not been able to swallow food. He always regurgitates food. "Yes, I can't eat yet," Paisei told Jubi on Sunday.

Paisei said TNI soldiers dragged him and tied him to a tree. The soldiers removed his shirt and pants and took turns torturing him. "I saw many soldiers hit me. They pinned my neck and hit me," he said.

Paisei admitted that the soldiers even threatened to electrocute him. "They tied me to a tree, under the chicken coop. They dragged me to the dishwasher, then they hit me. They tore my shirt and pants. One time they said they wanted to electrocute me, that was when they arrested me in the Workwana area," he said.

Frits Ramandey, head of the Komnas HAM Papua, said the commission was investigating the case. "We are only starting to investigate it so we cannot comment much as we do not have enough information," Ramandey told Jubi on Saturday.

Head of Information of XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command Lt. Col. Cav. Herman Taryaman on Monday also said his party was still investigating the child abuse case at the Cartens Peace Task Force Post in Yuwanain Village. He said the Military Police had conducted a crime scene analysis and took testimony from witnesses, both the victim's parents and the soldiers suspected of being involved in the persecution.

"The Military Police is also coordinating with the Cartenz Peace Task Force to present witnesses in order to expedite the ongoing legal process," Herman said via WhatsApp message to Jubi on Monday.

"The process of completing the necessary evidence is ongoing, one of which is conducting an examination on the three victims at Marthen Indey Hospital," he added. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/tni-soldiers-in-keerom-persecute-children-to-severe-illness-unable-to-eat