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Alleged persecution of Mappi residents uses wood, electric cables, bamboo, and water hoses

Tabloid Jubi - September 20, 2022

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Office of the National Commission on Humans Rights (Komnas HAM Papua) has released the results of its investigation into the alleged persecution by soldiers of the Raider 600/Modang Infantry Battalion that led to the death of a resident of Mappi Regency named Bruno Amenim Kimko.

Bruno Amenim Kimko and Yohanis Kanggun were tortured for eight hours using wood, electric cables, bamboo, and water hoses. This was stated by Head of Komnas HAM Papua Frits Ramandey in Jayapura City on Monday, September 19, 2022.

According to the chronology of the persecution compiled by Komnas HAM Papua, on August 30, 2022, Bruno Amenim Kimko was reported by AY on charges of attempted rape against his female relative. AY reported to the soldiers of the Raider 600/Modang Infantry Battalion who were on guard at the Bade Post.

AY's report was received by Second Pvt. Achmad Roof, who immediately reported to his superior, Second Sgt. Diki Wahyudi as the squad commander. Achmad Roof then invited nine other soldiers to arrest Bruno Amenim Kimko and Yohanis Wem Kanggun, and brought them to Bade Post.

"They reported to the deputy commander of the Post that they were leaving," Ramandey said.

Yohanis Wem Kanggun ran away but was eventually caught and brought to Bade Post as well. From 8 a.m to 4 p.m., Kanggun and Kimko were tortured by the soldiers repeatedly in the yard. Kanggun even told Komnas HAM Papua that he and Kimko were put into a muddy pond.

"The persecution was repeated over and over again. Someone came, hit them, then left. Other people came, hit them, and left again. Then they were immersed in a muddy pond. That was the testimony of the survivor Yohanis Wem Kanggun. The two of them were initially put in one place but Kanggun was then moved to another place at around 5 p.m. Kanggun saw Kimko already in a helpless state, even suspected to have died at 5 p.m.," said Ramandey.

Ramandey said Kanggun and Kimko were beaten in turn by more than 10 soldiers from the Bade Post. Diki Wahyudi, for example, admitted to torturing the victims using bamboo seven times.

"They were told to lie on their stomachs down and tortured. Diki admitted to hitting them seven times. The others committed the same torture using the same bamboo and bua wood from a mangrove tree. Kanggun claimed they were tortured using bua wood, electric cables the size of a finger, bamboo, and a water hose. It is suspected that the victim died due to repeated abuse," Ramandey said.

According to Ramandey, Bruno Amenim Kimko's post-mortem revealed that the victim suffered head and neck injuries. The victim's left shoulder and right shoulder were bruised. There was an open wound on the victim's chest. There was also a bruise on the victim's abdomen. Black bruises were also found on the victim's back and right and left thighs.

Kanggun did not suffer any head or neck injuries but his right and left shoulders were bruised and full of scratches. Kanggun's chest was also purplish-blue. His thighs were scratched and blackened, his back was injured, and the rest of his body was bruised.

The two were also forced to rub their genitals with balsam. "The TNI members brought balsam, then they were forced to rub their genitals with it and apologize to the complainant. It was very sadistic. Yohanis Kanggun is now traumatized to see members of the TNI," Ramandey said.

Komnas HAM Papua urged the TNI Commander and Army Chief of Staff to evaluate the assignment of Yonif Raider 600/Modang from VI/Mulawarman Military Region Command in Papua.

Komnas HAM Papua also requested that the legal process against the Commander of the Yonif Raider 600/Modang Task Force, Commander of the Bade Post, Deputy Commander of the Bade Post and the soldiers involved in the persecution be carried out in Papua.

"Law enforcement against all members, whether it is 10, 18, or 22 soldiers, must be carried out within the territory of XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command. Until now their status has not been determined as suspects," said Ramandey. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/alleged-persecution-of-mappi-residents-uses-wood-electric-cables-bamboo-and-water-hoses