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Prabowo highlights several commonalities between Gerindra and Democrat

Antara News - June 25, 2022

Tri Melani A, Suharto, Jakarta – Greater Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Chairman Prabowo Subianto drew parallels between his party and the Democrat Party in terms of the ideology, vision, and commitment, thereby enabling sound political communication at all times.

"We have ever cooperated. We have the similar ideology, vision, and commitment. We highly adhere to the state ideology of Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, and Unity in Diversity. Hence, we agree to continue the communication as well as possible," Subianto remarked after receiving a visit from Democrat Party Chief Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) at his residence in Kertanegara, South Jakarta, on Friday.

Prabowo noted that as party leaders, he and AHY were responsible for establishing good communication, so that the meeting could be held. He expressed gratitude to AHY and several Democrat Party representatives for the visit.

Prabowo, who is currently the defense minister, felt honored by the Democrat Party chief's visit aimed at maintaining sound political communication.

Meanwhile, AHY also expressed gratitude to Prabowo for his readiness to receive him.

"I and my friends from the Democrat Party also feel happy this night. We also feel honored to be received by Mr Prabowo Subianto at his residence in Kertanegara and be served with a good meal in a friendly manner," he stated.

Prabowo said the meeting had been planned since long, though it was not until Friday night that it could materialize due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said Gerindra and Democrat will always work hard to find the best solutions to the myriad problems faced by the country.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/236129/prabowo-highlights-several-commonalities-between-gerindra-and-democra