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May 7, 2024

Jakarta Globe - May 7, 2024

Ilham Oktafian, Jakarta – Four individuals have been named as suspects in a case involving the alleged assault on Catholic students from Pamulang University (Unpam) who were reciting th

May 6, 2024

Tempo - May 6, 2024

M. Iqbal, Jakarta – In a video posted on social media, a Catholic student was allegedly abused by a suspected leader of a neighborhood association (RT).

April 11, 2024

UCA News - April 11, 2024

A century-old Catholic church in Indonesia allowed Muslims to conduct the Eid prayers on its premises on April 10, saying such moves could help build brotherhood in the Muslim-majority

April 9, 2024

ABC News - April 9, 2024

Natasya Salim and Erwin Renaldi – This Ramadan felt different for Kusmanadi, who opens a stall each year in Jakarta to sell grilled chicken snacks to those breaking their fast during th

February 17, 2024

Jakarta Post Editorial - February 17, 2024

Jakarta – The bravery of then-Bekasi mayor Rahmat Effendi in 2019 to defend the Catholic community's freedom to worship at Santa Clara Church in North Bekasi, in the face of intolerant

January 30, 2024

Jakarta Globe - January 30, 2024

Monique Handa Shafira, Jakarta – Singkawang, a city in West Kalimantan, has once again been named Indonesia's most tolerant city for the third consecutive time by the human rights group

January 23, 2024

Human Rights Watch News Release - January 23, 2024

Andreas Harsono – In a step forward for freedom of religion and belief in Indonesia, citizens from smaller religious groups are now permitted to change the religious identity on their i

December 8, 2023

Jakarta Globe - December 8, 2023

Wijayanti Putri, Solo – Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka said on Friday that Solo, under his leadership, has evolved into one of Indonesia's most tolerant cities, vowing to further augment

September 26, 2023

September 21, 2023

Tempo - September 21, 2023

Antara, Jakarta – Vice Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning and Vice Head of National Agrarian Agency Raja Juli Antoni ensured that no discrimination will take place in the

September 9, 2023

Tempo - September 9, 2023

Padang – Indonesian Vice President Ma'ruf Amin responded to the proposal for a new system to control and monitor places of worship.

September 5, 2023

UCA News - September 5, 2023

Christian leaders in Indonesia have joined other faith groups to criticize a proposed government plan to control activities in religious worship places for the sake of tackling radicali

August 30, 2023

Tempo - August 30, 2023

Devy Ernis, Jakarta – A junior high school teacher in Lamongan shaved the heads of dozens of hijabi students for not wearing an inner hijab or ciput as it is locally known.

August 29, 2023

Agence France-Presse - August 29, 2023

Jakarta – A school on Indonesia's main island has partially shaved the heads of more than a dozen girls, its headmaster said Monday, after they were accused of wearing their Islamic hij

August 19, 2023

Channel News Asia - August 19, 2023

Nivell Rayda, Tondano, Indonesia – It is the Sabbath, and the parking lot of an otherwise desolate compound on the edge of the Indonesian town of Tondano in North Sulawesi is filled wit

June 26, 2023

June 24, 2023

Tempo - June 24, 2023

M Julnis Firmansyah, Jakarta – Ministry of Religion spokeswoman Anna Hasbie on Friday announced that the ministry is studying the controversy involving the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding Sc

June 8, 2023

UCA News - June 8, 2023

The Indonesian government has decided to ease rules for building houses of worship, including churches, by initiating changes to a 17-year-old decree, considered a major barrier to such

June 7, 2023

CNN Indonesia - June 7, 2023

Jakarta – The chairperson of Indonesia's peak Islamic body the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI), Utang Ranuwijaya, says that Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs Joi

June 1, 2023

CNN Indonesia - June 1, 2023

Jakarta – Reflecting on the values of the state ideology Pancasila, Setara Institute for Peace and Democracy Executive Director Halili Hasan says that they are often defeated by the cas

April 15, 2023

Jakarta Post Editorial - April 15, 2023

Jakarta – Hundreds of congregation members of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Yasmin in Bogor, West Java, had perhaps been exhausted after 15 years of fighting for their freedom o

April 13, 2023

Jakarta Post - April 13, 2023

Radhiyya Indra, Jakarta – Cilegon received the lowest score of any of the Indonesian cities studied in the 2022 Tolerant Cities Index Report by the SETARA Institute, ranking 94th, with

April 11, 2023

Tempo - April 11, 2023

Rindi Ariska, Jakarta – Human rights advocacy group Setara Institute released the report of the 2022 Tolerance City Index revealing the most and the least tolerant city in Indonesia.

April 10, 2023

Coconuts Jakarta - April 10, 2023

It came a decade-and-a-half too late, by Bogor Mayor Bima Arya's own admission, but the Taman Yasmin Indonesia Christian Church (GKI Yasmin) congregation now finally, officially have a

April 7, 2023

CNN Indonesia - April 7, 2023

Jakarta – The results of Setara Institute for Peace and Democracy research reveal that the city of Cilegon in Banten province occupies the 94th position or the lowest ranking in the 202

April 6, 2023

UCA News - April 6, 2023

Ahead of Easter, Christians in Indonesia's West Java province are left in the lurch after their church, functioning from a building without a permit, was sealed off by the administratio

February 20, 2023

Tempo - February 20, 2023

M Rosseno Aji, Jakarta – The Indonesian Churches Association ("PGI") condemned the alleged attempt to forcefully stop religious worship at Gereja Kristen Kemah Daud in Rajabasa Jaya sub

January 18, 2023

UCA News - January 18, 2023

Amid concerns over cases of obstruction of worship for religious minorities including Christians by Muslims in Indonesia, President Jokowi Widodo has told heads of provinces and distric

January 17, 2023

Indonesia at Melbourne - January 17, 2023

Zainal Abidin Bagir – Indonesia's new Criminal Code (KUHP) has been decried as a major step backwards for Indonesian democracy.

Tempo - January 17, 2023

Fajar Pebrianto, Jakarta – President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo on Tuesday bemoaned the ban against the establishment of houses of worship that still persists to this day in the form of local

CNN Indonesia - January 17, 2023

Jakarta – The Setara Institute for Peace and Democracy has reminded President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo that there is still widespread opposition to minority groups performing worship and th

December 28, 2022

Detik News - December 28, 2022

Anggi Muliawati, Jakarta – Indonesian Human Rights Watch (Imparsial) found there were 26 cases of intolerance recorded by the media as occurring in Indonesia in 2022.

December 25, 2022

Jakarta Globe - December 25, 2022

BTV, Bogor – A Christian community in the Jakarta suburb of Bogor on Sunday could finally hold Christmas mass at their own church which took 15 years to build due to resistance from har

October 18, 2022

Fulcrum - October 18, 2022

Max Lane – The popularity of a recent image lamenting the wearing of conservative dress, particularly headscarves, by girls in Indonesia's state schools have highlighted philosophical t

October 8, 2022

Tempo - October 8, 2022

Devi Ernis, Jakarta – The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Minister Nadiem Makarim lamented the reported discrimination experienced by a high school student of SMAN 2 Depok.

September 28, 2022

Jakarta Post Editorial - September 28, 2022

Jakarta – Indonesian mainstream and social media are reporting street demonstrations in dozens of cities across Iran following the detention and death of a young woman because she did n

September 24, 2022

Jakarta Post Editorial - September 24, 2022

Jakarta – The Cilegon government's refusal to allow a church in the steel town of Banten province does not bode well for Indonesia's reputation as it prepares to host a major internatio

September 15, 2022

UCA News - September 15, 2022

Ryan Dagur – Timor-Leste President Jose Ramos-Horta has underlined the importance of the papal document on human fraternity in building a prosperous country amid serious challenges, inc

September 14, 2022

UCA News - September 14, 2022

A Catholic bishop has accused a top district official in Indonesia's Maluku province of not supporting religious groups' effort to promote tolerance in the region that has witnessed dea

The Diplomat - September 14, 2022

Ana Salva – Last July, the debate over the wearing of the hijab again caused a stir in Indonesia, when a 16-year-old Muslim student was allegedly forced to wear it by teachers at a publ

September 10, 2022

UCA News - September 10, 2022

Katharina Reny Lestari – The denial of building permit to a Protestant church in Cilegon city in Indonesia's westernmost province of Banten goes against the spirit of religious moderati

August 12, 2022

The Conversation - August 12, 2022

Sari Oktafiana, Jakarta – Late last month, a high school teacher in the Indonesian province of Yogyakarta reportedly forced a female Muslim student to wear the hijab – veils worn by Mus

August 8, 2022

Latin Times - August 8, 2022

Elle Yap – A debate in Indonesia that centers around schoolgirls being forced to wear hijabs even when they are not Muslim has reached a crisis point as more and more incidents and comp

Straits Times - August 8, 2022

Linda Yulisman, Jakarta – A recent incident in which a Muslim student in Indonesia was allegedly forced to wear a hijab by her teachers, which led to her depression, has again highlight

August 5, 2022

Jakarta Globe - August 5, 2022

Yogyakarta (Antara) – The headmaster and three teachers of a state high school in Yogyakarta have been suspended by Governor Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X following reports that a female

August 4, 2022

CNN Indonesia - August 4, 2022

Jakarta – The Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace is asking Education, Culture, Research and Technology Minister Nadiem Makarim to take firm action against state schools forcing st

August 2, 2022

Coconuts Jakarta - August 2, 2022

A grade 10 student at a public high school in Banguntapan, Yogyakarta has moved to another school after she claimed teachers forced her to wear a hijab.

July 20, 2022

UCA News - July 20, 2022

Timor-Leste President Jose Ramos-Horta has said he will be nominating two moderate Indonesian Muslim organizations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

June 10, 2022

UCA News - June 10, 2022

Konradus Epa – The Community of Sant'Egidio, an Italian-based Catholic lay group, and Indonesia's biggest moderate Islamic organization have signed a pact to continue working together t

June 1, 2022

UCA News - June 1, 2022

Katharina Reny Lestari – Christians have urged the Indonesian army to take strict action against any group trying to sow discord and create divisions in society after a video of a large