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Minister encourages youths' active participation in 2024 elections

Tempo - May 15, 2023

Mirza Bagaskara, Jakarta – The Minister of Youth and Sports Dito Ariotedjo appealed young people to participate actively in the 2024 election. He said that it was hoped that the involvement of youth would bring the election in a much better direction than before.

"Hopefully, the upcoming elections must go well, safely and in an orderly manner. For this, we need togetherness in protecting everything, one of which is the role of the youth," said Dito in a written statement, Monday, May 15.

Dito believes that youth involvement in the 2024 election will play an important role for the country, as they are the next generation that will receive the baton of Indonesia's leadership in the future. They are also a major part in determining the direction of the nation ahead.

In addition, he said, the involvement of youths is closely related to the movements in Indonesia's history as a nation. "The size of a nation is largely determined by the involvement of the youth. History records that youth have a very important role in any changes that occur in this country," the Golkar Party politician said.

Dito asked young people to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming 2024 elections, as well as participate in maintaining security and order.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1725920/minister-encourages-youths-active-participation-in-2024-election