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West Java governor urges laborers into dialogue over 2022 minimum wage

Tempo - November 23, 2021

Bisnis, Caesar Akbar, Jakarta – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil on Tuesday asked laborers to put forth dialogue in protesting the insignificant increase of the 2022 provincial minimum wage (UMP). West Java labor unions have announced that they would commit to a nationwide strike in response to the upcoming 1.72 percent minimum wage increase.

The governor said the province administrators set the minimum wage increase as set by the central government in Jakarta. He argues that the calculations made by the government are clear and should be understandable as "the economy has not recovered 100 percent," he said.

Kamil believes a dialogue will be more effective in conveying laborer's disapproval against the government's move and that it would potentially produce a formula that would accommodate both sides of the industry.

Governor Ridwan Kamil previously announced the 2022 minimum wage increase of Rp1,841,487.31, which is a slight increase of Rp31,135.95 (1.72 percent). The upcoming regulation applies to laborers with working years below one year while those more experienced will be subjected to another wage scale structure overseen by the collective labor agreement (PKB).

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1531629/west-java-governor-urges-laborers-into-dialogue-over-2022-minimum-wag