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Physical fight between PDI cadre

Kompas - 11 April, 1997

Palembang – The 24 anniversary held on the grounds of the headquarters of the South Sumatra PDI offices on Wednesday (9/4), became a physical confrontation between pro-Megawati and pro-Soerjadi cadre.

The fight involving almost 250 people resulted in two being reported seriously injured by knife wounds, Makmur (28) and Mustar (35). Security forces were able to prevent the fight from spreading further. Security forces also secured a 30cm Golok (traditional knife). One pro-Megawati cadre, Nen bin Konidin (34) was taken in for questioning.

According to a Kompas source, the celebration organised by the pro-Soerjadi leadership began smoothly then suddenly, at around 12 noon, three bus loads of pro-Megawati PDI cadre from Pelembang arrived. On arriving, around 50 pro-Megawati cadre overturned seats and stood on the podium. After that the fight broke out.

When contacted, Pelembang police chief, Drs R Abubakar Nataprawira confirmed the incident. "A PDI pro-Megawati cadre is currently being questioned. One Golok has been seized as proof", he said.

[Abridged translation from Kompas - James Balowski]