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30 rioters jailed for violence after party banners removed

South China Morning Post - April, 4 1997

Deutsche Presse Agentur in Jakarta – A court has sentenced 30 people to between three days and three months in jail following riots last week.

The Jakarta Post said the rioters also received probation of three to four months for disrupting public order.

The Pekalongan District Court found the 30 guilty of involvement in last week's unrest that left eight people injured. Eighteen people were sentenced to three days in prison while 12 received three-month jail terms.

About 1,000 people went on the rampage last Thursday, burning or vandalising shops and vehicles, leaving at least 60 buildings and a number of vehicles damaged.

Reports said the rioting broke out after supporters of the Muslim-backed United Development Party were enraged when local authorities removed the party's flags and banners and replaced them with the ruling Golkar party's banners.

Unrest in Indonesia over the past months has claimed scores of lives.