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Four opposition supporters jailed for July rioting in Indonesia

Associated Press - January 30, 1997

Jakarta – Four supporters of Indonesia's pro-democracy leader were sentenced Thursday to jail terms of six months and 15 days each for throwing rocks and breaking windows at a police station.

They were arrested during July rioting prompted by a crackdown on supporters of Megawati Sukarnoputri. The four were among thousands of Megawati supporters stoning a police station near her party's headquarters in the worst political violence in Indonesia in two decades.

Lawyers for M. Nur, Dagelan Rajagukguk, Domingus dos Santos and Sanggek Suhendro said an appeal was probably useless.

Megawati, the daughter of the late President Sukarno, has become popular for her calls for more democracy. President Suharto, who ousted Sukarno in 1966, apparently views her as a threat.

In November, 116 Megawati supporters were sentenced to up to four months and three days in jail for refusing a police order to leave the headquarters. All were released because they already had detained them that long before their trial.