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Bekasi police launch investigation into suspected ritual killing of 9-year-old girl

Jakarta Globe - June 3, 2024

Rino Fajar, Bekasi – The Criminal Investigation Unit of Bekasi City Police revisited the residence of DS in Ciketing Udik Village, Bantargebang District, Bekasi City on Sunday, following the discovery of the body of a 9-year-old girl identified as GH inside a sack.

The police's visit aimed to ascertain if there were any other victims besides GH at DS's residence.

"From our observations, it is suspected that there is one spot where the cement appears to be relatively new. However, after digging to a depth of 1 meter, the officers did not find any other victims at that spot," said Muhammad Firdaus, the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of Bekasi City Police.

The police have not yet disclosed the motive of the perpetrator, but local residents suspect the murder might be related to a ritualistic offering.

A local resident and witness, Sarminah, said that DS resisted and even attempted to stab the police with a knife when arrested.

The police found several items at DS's house, such as dolls, a pickaxe, and a crowbar. "There are many photos of children inside a jug, like some sort of ritualistic offering," Sarminah added.

Initially, the victim, GH, was reported missing on Friday. Suspicion fell on the house inhabited by DS. During a search of DS's house, police found a freshly dug hole.

Subsequently, with the suspicion of the locals, the police accompanied them to DS's residence on Sunday. The perpetrator's house was thoroughly searched, leading to the discovery of GH's body inside a sack in a hole next to the water pump well.

Firdaus explained that the police arrested DS and evacuated the victim from a hole approximately 2.5 meters deep.

"Right behind the house, in a pit about 2.5 meters deep, precisely in the hole where the water pump machine is located. She was found wrapped in a 50 kg sack," he clarified.

According to Ahmad, a local resident, DS was known to be reclusive. Despite living in the area for the past 4 years, DS rarely interacted with neighbors.

"He lived alone every day. He's a closed-off person. We don't know his profession; some people came here, it seemed like for medical treatment," Ahmad shared.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/bekasi-police-launch-investigation-into-suspected-ritual-killing-of-9yearold-gir