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Labor shortage: Japan opens doors for Indonesian workers

Tempo - March 27, 2024

Nabiila Azzahra, Jakarta – Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Masaki Yasushi stated that his country opened numerous job opportunities for Indonesian citizens. He revealed that this is because of a labor shortage in Japan.

"Japan is grappling with a labor shortage issue. Fortunately, Indonesia is proving to be a valuable resource across various sectors, and really helps our economy," he said during a press conference at the Japanese Embassy in Central Jakarta on Monday, March 25.

Companies in Japan are facing a chronic labor shortage, coupled with the problem of an increasingly aging workforce.

In early 2023, the Japanese government spent Euro 3.5 trillion to increase the birth rate and overcome the shortage, The Japan Times reported last December.

Masaki said many Indonesians have come to Japan, ranging from tourists to skilled workers. They work in various sectors such as construction, medicine, services, and fisheries. "Our government is actively seeking to expand sectors to accommodate skilled workers," he said.

Additionally, he underscored that Japan wholeheartedly welcomes Indonesian workers, as this mutually benefits both countries.

Yasushi also highlighted the pivotal role of the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia, which is dedicated to facilitating the reintegration of skilled Indonesian workers returning from Japan into the local job market.

He expressed confidence that the presence of numerous Japanese companies in Indonesia would facilitate a smoother transition for these returning workers, as they would be warmly received by these companies. "I think the exchange of people is crucial for the future of our two countries," Yasushi concluded.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1850048/labor-shortage-japan-opens-doors-for-indonesian-worker