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IKN construction prioritized for Independence Day ceremony

Tempo - March 15, 2024

Antara, Jakarta – The Nusantara Capital City (IKN) Infrastructure Development Task Force at the Public Works and Housing (PUPR) Ministry was expediting the completion of the central government's core area (KIPP) to ensure its readiness for the Independence Day ceremony on August 17, 2024. This area includes President Jokowi's Palace, which was expected to be operational in June 2024.

"The construction progress of the presidential palace and the ceremonial grounds is nearly 60 percent complete. We aim to have the palace building, ceremonial grounds, and podium fully operational and ready to support the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony by June 2024, which can accommodate 8,700 people," the task force chairman Danis Sumadilaga said during the IKN National Coordination Meeting in Jakarta on Thursday, March 14, 2024.

He went on to say that the IKN construction phase 1 has reached 77 percent completion.

In addition to the presidential palace, the construction progress of several other key buildings, such as the Ministry of State Secretariat Building, has reached the halfway point and is expected to be operational by June 2024 to accommodate 750 state apparatus.

Other areas of the capital city undergoing preparations, including residences for ministers and state apparatus, toll roads, and water treatment plants, are also expected to be completed by June 2024.

"God willing, [these infrastructures] will be partially functional by June, and hopefully, it will function much better by the end of December 2024," Danis concluded.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1845248/ikn-construction-prioritized-for-independence-day-ceremon