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Gibran mulls adopting UK's downstream policy in Indonesia

Jakarta Post - March 14, 2024

Jakarta – In a bid to bolster innovation-driven economic growth in Indonesia, Surakarta Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka has expressed his interest in adopting the United Kingdom's downstream industry practices.

"This is an example of downstreaming. We have all the necessary components, yet until now, there has been no Indonesian touch. So, we're looking to intervene. We'll address other aspects one by one," Gibran said on Wednesday, as reported by Antara news agency.

On March 5, Gibran visited Alloyed Ltd., an Oxford-based company founded by Indonesian technopreneur Fauzan Adziman.

Alloyed is a digital technology manufacturing company developing new materials and additive manufacturing. The company produces various high-value products such as components for airplanes, satellites, electric vehicles (EVs) and Formula One engines, as well as augmented reality, data center cooling, medical implants and jewelry.

Gibran visited the UK on March 3-10 at the invitation of the Indonesian Ambassador to London Desra Percaya.

The visit highlights Surakarta's commitment to fostering an innovative and globally competitive economy through Solo Technopark, Gibran said.

The presumptive vice president then emphasized Indonesia's significant potential in resource processing, including rare earth minerals.

"During this visit, I have identified significant opportunities for Indonesia to enhance the downstream of critical minerals, leading to the creation of high-value products," Gibran said, as quoted by kontan.co.id business news site.

"Looking ahead, we aim to establish a comprehensive end-to-end downstream process in Indonesia."

The mayor said he believed the practices he observed at the company could be adapted in Indonesia, integrating the nation into the global supply chain for new materials and high-value goods.

Although a partnership between Surakarta and the Oxford-based company has yet to materialize, Gibran's initial visit has opened doors for potential collaboration.

"We'll see [how it goes]. I've only just had my initial look at the factory and its products," he said.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/indonesia/2024/03/14/gibran-mulls-adopting-uks-downstream-policy-in-indonesia.htm