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LRT Jabodebek serves 7mn passengers in 6 months of operation

Tempo - March 10, 2024

Annisa Febiola, Jakarta – The Greater Jakarta Light Rail Transit or LRT Jabodebek has operated for more than 6 months. Since then, the transportation has served 7,253,325 passengers.

The company, KAI, recorded that the number of LRT users since December 2023 kept increasing every month. In March, the average daily passengers on weekdays reached 59,000 people.

Public Relations Manager of LRT Jabodebek, Mahendro Trang Bawono, said that the positive number of passengers in the past three months was affected by several factors. Starting from the increase in service quality to promotional tariffs for users.

"KAI thanks to the people's trust that keeps increasing, that you choose to use LRT Jabodebek in daily activities," Mahendro said in an official statement on Sunday, March 10.

The Ministry of Transportation set the minimum LRT fare at Rp3,000 and the maximum fare at Rp20,000 during peak hours. Meanwhile, the tariff of Rp10,000 is applied during off-peak hours. These tariffs are effective from December 1, 2023, and will be extended until March 31.

The integration of local transport with the LRT Jabodebek also played a role. In addition, the increase in the number of trips and the extension of the operating hours of the LRT Jabodebek have also had an impact on the increase in the number of passengers each month.

The gradual increase in the number of trips on January 16 and March 1 brought the number of trips to 308 trips per day on weekdays. This figure increased by 54 percent by 200 trips compared to December.

The increase in the number of trips has reduced the waiting time between trains. As of March 1, the waiting time for the LRT Jabodebek will be 6 minutes on the Cawang-Dukuh Atas route and 12.5 minutes on the Harjamukti/Jatimulya-Cawang route on weekdays. Previously, the waiting time ranged from 7.5 to 15 minutes on weekdays.

"With good collaboration with various parties, we are confident that the daily average target of 69,000 LRT Jabodebek users this year can be achieved," said Mahendro.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1843219/lrt-jabodebek-serves-7mn-passengers-in-6-months-of-operatio