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Ramadan next week: Bapanas urges regional heads to take steps in stabilizing food prices

Tempo - March 4, 2024

Antara, Aisyah Amira, Jakarta – The Head of the National Food Agency (Bapanas) Arief Prasetyo Adi spoke up about the spike in food prices a week before Ramadan. Arief, during a coordination meeting in Jakarta on Monday, specifically asked all regional leaders, governors to regents alike to employ three actions in efforts to stabilize food prices.

First was the cheap food movement (GPM), which will be synergized with Bulog and several food associations in each region. "For Bulog, please relay that the food stocks in all regions are adequate and please cooperate with the local governments," Arief said.

Second, regional heads must synergize with the regional inflation control team (TPID), and third, regional heads must observe the food prices in all markets. "To ensure the prices are just and not too high," he said.

In addition, Aries explained that market observation is important to ensure rice is sold at the highest retail price of Rp10,900 per kilogram. "The team from central government will support and monitor all evaluations in the regions to ensure affordable prices for citizens so they could fast comfortably," Arief added.

The Bapanas coordination meeting was led by Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian and was attended by representatives of various ministries and agencies, as well as entrepreneurs. Regional leaders across Indonesia and food associations also participated in the meeting.

As of March 1, price hikes for certain food materials have been recorded ahead of Ramadan, including premium rice, shallots, garlic, and imported dried soybean.

Based on the Bapanas price panel, premium rice prices rose 0.55 percent on average intl Rp16,520 per kilogram. Medium rice prices are stable at Rp14,330 per kilogram. In addition, shallots increased by 0.53 percent and garlic by 1.07 percent to Rp34,260 and Rp39,510 per kilogram respectively.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1840769/ramadan-next-week-bapanas-urges-regional-heads-to-take-steps-in-stabilizing-food-price