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New Year 2024, Jakarta residents disagree if capital city moved to IKN

Tempo - January 1, 2024

Savero Aristia Wienanto, Jakarta – Several residents of Jakarta and the vicinity voiced their opinions on the capital city relocation scheduled to be executed in 2024. Various opinions about Indonesia's capital relocation from Jakarta to IKN (Nusantara State Capital) in Kalimantan remain to be the talks of the town.

Rheyna (26), a resident of South Jakarta, said that she knew about the capital relocation. But she admitted that she wasn't happy about it and disagreed with the plan.

"If there is a problem, fix it, not replace it with a new one," she told Tempo on Sunday, December 31, 2023.

Instead of relocating the capital city to IKN, Rheyna, who works as an employee in a private company in Jakarta, viewed that problem mitigation in Jakarta must be prioritized. She highlighted flooding, traffic jams, and air pollution in the city.

"Repair drainage system, add more public transportation, make regulations on the obligation to take public transportation, increase green open space (RTH)," she said.

Sharing a similar opinion, Fadila (21), a resident of East Jakarta, said she also disagreed with the capital relocation that seemed to be too quickly. "IKN [development] is not finished yet," said the woman who works as an English Teacher.

Meanwhile, Fernando (24), a resident of Tangerang who works in Jakarta, has a different view. He was delighted with the idea of moving the capital city to IKN.

"Jakarta's burdens are increasing from year to year, starting from demographic burdens, construction of government buildings and business centers," said Fernando yesterday.

"It's just that I assume that the government of course can build a new state capital, but [do it] gradually, not too ambitious that it should be finished quickly," said the man who works as a private employee.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1815987/new-year-2024-jakarta-residents-disagree-if-capital-city-moved-to-ik