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Workers vow 2-day strike if minimum wage hike below 15 percent

Tempo - November 20, 2023

Ihsan Reliubun, Jakarta – Labor Party President Said Iqbal declared that the workers are prepared to go on a national strike if the government insists on raising the provincial minimum wage or UMP in 2024 below 15 percent.

"If the labor union's proposal is not accepted, then we will hold a national strike," he said in a written statement on Monday, November 20.

Said Iqbal clarified the misleading narrative spread by the Manpower Agency and the Indonesian Employers' Association or Apindo regarding the national strike. According to him, a national strike is a way that must be taken in a bid to make the government acknowledge the demands of the workers.

"National Strike is a term in the Labor Union," he remarked, adding that it is legal under the Law on Freedom of Expression in Public and the Trade Union Law.

During a National Strike, all workers in each factory stop production, leave the factory, and stage demonstrations in front of the factory, provincial, district, and city government offices, as well as the State Palace.

Said Iqbal mentioned that the action will be carried out for two days between November 30-December 13, 2023, with the aim of paralyzing the national economy, factories, and businesses, and forcing the government to negotiate with the workers.

"We have asked [for the 15% hike in minimum wage] nicely, but if it is not heeded, we will fight back with a National Strike," said Said Iqbal who is also the President of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions or KSPI.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1799016/workers-vow-2-day-strike-if-minimum-wage-hike-below-15-percen