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Online ojek drivers stage '10.10' protest to demand employee status

Tempo - October 10, 2023

Riani Sanusi Putri, Jakarta – Online motorcycle taxis or online ojek drivers, who are members of the Indonesian Transport Workers Union (SPAI), staged a protest called "10.10" today, October 10, to voice objection to several policies planned by the Manpower Minister. SPAI chairperson Lily Pujiati said online ojek drivers refused to be under the partnership or non-employment relationships (TKLHK) status.

"Various online ojek organizations in Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) will participate in this rally," Lily told Tempo on Tuesday, October 10. They include SPAI, Maluku Online Bersatu Nusantara, Go Graber Indonesia, Pejuang Aspal Indonesia, Indonesian Ojol Alliance, Garis Keras Maxim Jabodetabek.

Lily explained the rally brought two demands related to the Manpower Minister's plan to issue a regulation on the status of online ojek drivers.

Online ojek drivers refuse to work 12 hours. Lily said such a work system makes drivers fatigued and prone to accidents. They also demand one day off per week and a 30-minute break every two hours of work.

Lily further reiterated that online ojek drivers have no certainty of income if they are classified as driver-partners, instead of employees. Apart from that, they have always been disadvantaged because of tariff discrimination between passenger delivery services and goods or food delivery services.

Lily also highlighted the exploitative system on the platform. Applicators compete to offer the cheapest rates without taking into account the vehicle's operation. Consequently, drivers bear fuel costs, time, and energy, not to mention during traffic jams, road closures, flooding, etc.

Additionally, Lily revealed that applicators still carelessly imposed sanctions, temporarily suspended accounts, or terminated the partnership with online ojek drivers. This sanction was also followed by a fine, which was very detrimental to the drivers.

"Therefore, we demand that the partner status be changed to worker status so that we get a guaranteed income with a minimum wage," Lily stressed.

Although under a partner status, she hoped that online ojek drivers could get decent working conditions with eight working hours plus four hours of overtime in six working days, as well as the rights of workers under the Employment Law.

Lily said the demands are a reminder to the government not to forget to be present for its people as in line with the 1945 Constitution which mandates that every citizen has the right to work and decent living for humanity.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1782038/online-ojek-drivers-stage-10-10-protest-to-demand-employee-statu