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Komnas HAM Papua announces investigation results on Dogiyai incident

Tabloid Jubi - November 18, 2022

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Office of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM Papua) on Thursday, November 17, 2022, announced the results of its investigation on the clashes that occurred in Dogiyai Regency last week.

Komnas HAM Papua said the series of events resulted in two casualties, eight people injured, and dozens of houses, kiosks, government offices, and vehicles burned.

Head of Komnas HAM Papua Frits Ramandey explained that a traffic accident that occurred on November 12 sparked mass rage in Dogiyai. A truck carrying building materials hit a child to death. The local residents looked for the truck driver to be held accountable. However, the driver had escaped to the Dogiyai Police Headquarters.

"The mob then vented their anger by spontaneously burning houses and a number of vehicles. They also attacked several residents sporadically," Ramandey said on Thursday.

The monitoring results of Komnas HAM Papua noted that the event killed at least two people, namely a 5-year-old child named Noldy Goodi Goo who died after being hit by a truck, and a resident named Iqbal (29) who allegedly died due to the attack from other residents.

The commission also recorded three residents injured due to persecution. In addition, four policemen were injured by arrows and two residents were injured by sharp weapons, namely Felek Pigai and Delpina Tebai (14).

Previous information said Felek Pigai had died. However, Ramandey said he could not confirm whether Felek Pigai had actually died. "Until now, we have not received confirmation that Felek Pigai died. But he indeed became a victim," Ramandey said.

Ramandey explained that the mass rampage that occurred in Dogiyai last week caused 27 residential units, 51 kiosks, nine boarding houses, nine trucks, 20 motorcycles, and one excavator to be damaged or burned. The Dogiyai Population and Civil Registry Office, the Dogiyai Finance Department, the Village Community Empowerment Office, the Dogiyai Environment Office, and the Dogiyai Inspectorate Office were also burned.

"According to the Komnas HAM's records, this is the third traffic accident case. Last year there was the same incident before a similar mass rampage and arson," Ramandey said.

Komnas HAM Papua encouraged the Acting Governor of Central Papua Province to prioritize the resolution to the mob violence and social conflict in Dogiyai, and support for the rehabilitation of victims.

Ramandey also asked the Dogiyai Regent and the local government to immediately carry out intensive health treatment for the injured, and provide attention for the community members who were victims.

Ramandey said Komnas HAM Papua continued to coordinate with local partners and the police to restore security in Dogiyai.

Jubi's investigation in the field found that the name of the child who was the victim of a truck accident was Juprianto Tebai (4). In addition, the Dogiyai Community Empowerment and Village Government Office (DPMPK) confirmed that the body found dead on Saturday was that of Feleks Pigai, a member of a deliberation body in Bunauwo village, East Kamuu District. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/komnas-ham-papua-announces-investigation-results-on-dogiyai-incident