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Govt's September debt increases to Rp7,236.61 trillion

Tempo - September 29, 2022

Arrijal Rachman, Jakarta – Indonesia's debt at the end of August this year has reached a total of Rp7,236.61 trillion, which is a 1.01 percent increase compared to July by logging Rp7,163.12 trillion.

The ratio of debt to gross domestic product (GDP) also increased to 38.03 percent from 37.91 percent at the end of last month. The amount of the debt to GDP ratio is still far from the maximum provision of the State Finance Law of 60 percent.

"The government continues to implement fiscal discipline and the composition of debt is maintained below the maximum limit of 60 percent of GDP," as cited from the APBN KITA document for the September edition.

The majority of government debt composition comes from the issuance of state securities (SBN) amounting to Rp6,425.55 trillion, which consists of domestic SBN of Rp5,126.54 trillion and foreign currency securities of Rp1,299.02 trillion.

The majority of domestic SBN came from the issuance of state debt securities (SUN) of Rp5,195.39 trillion and the rest came from state sharia securities (SBSN) of Rp931.15 trillion. Meanwhile, the majority of foreign currency SBN also came from the issuance of SUN of Rp972.25 trillion and SBSN of Rp326.77 trillion.

The government debt was obtained from loans of Rp811.05 trillion, which was obtained from domestic loans of Rp15.92 trillion and foreign loans of Rp795.13 trillion.

Most foreign loans were obtained from multilateral loans of Rp487.95 trillion, bilateral loans of Rp264.39 trillion, and commercial banks of Rp42.8 trillion.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1639608/govts-september-debt-increases-to-rp7236-61-trillio