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Bogor administration warns of heavy pollution in Cileungsi River

Jakarta Post - September 22, 2022

Theresia Sufa, Bogor – The Bogor regency's environmental agency has reported heavy pollution in Cileungsi River, which has been a source of raw water for the regency and the Bekasi city in West Java.

Riri Agustina Lubis, an official with the agency, said on Wednesday that the most polluted spots in the river were Narogong bridge and Cikuda bridge in Gunung Putri district, Kembang Kuning village, Kelapa Nunggal.

The official said the Bogor regency administration would not be able to deal with the problem without help from other parties, especially the central government.

She highlighted the importance of preserving the river's upstream areas in protected forests of Sukamakmur and Babakan Madang districts.

The agency monitoring personnel noted that during the rainy season, the river's water level rises to 100 centimeters, but in the dry season it is close to zero."This means during the dry season, the river is filled only with wastewater from industry, household and food businesses," Riri told The Jakarta Post.

In July, a local organization, the Cileungsi Cikeas River Care Community (KP2C) urged the government to conduct an investigation into the waste that has long polluted the Cileungsi River.

"There is a pungent smell and fishy odor. The fishy odor allegedly comes from meat waste from industries related to livestock. An investigation needs to be done. The pungent smell usually comes from chemical waste," Puarman, the community head, told Antara.

According to KP2C, pungent smells and foam have emanated repeatedly from Cileungsi River.

The organization suspected that the foam was due to chemical waste contamination in the river. (dre)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/indonesia/2022/09/22/bogor-administration-warns-of-heavy-pollution-in-cileungsi-river.htm