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TNI Commander asked to evaluate 20/Ima Jaya Keramo following mutilation involving soldiers

Tabloid Jubi - September 21, 2022

Jayapura, Jubi – The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) has urged the Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander to evaluate the 20/Ima Jaya Keramo Raider Infantry Brigade, the unit from which six suspects in the murder and mutilation of four Nduga residents in Mimika Regency originated.

The request was made in Jakarta on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, along with the announcement of the results of Komnas HAM's preliminary investigation into the murder case.

Komnas HAM sent a team to Mimika on September 2-4, 2022 and September 12-16, 2022. The team found a number of problems in the 20/Ima Jaya Keramo Raider Infantry Brigade.

The case investigated by Komnas HAM was the murder and mutilation of four civilians in Settlement Unit 1, Mimika Baru District, Mimika Regency on August 22, 2022. The four victims were Arnold Lokbere, Irian Nirigi, Leman Nirigi, and Atis Tini.

The Military Police of the XVII/Cenderawasih Regional Military Command has named six soldiers as suspects, namely Maj. Hf, Capt. Dk, Chief Pvt. Pr, First Pvt. Ras, First Pvt. Pc, and First Pvt. R. Meanwhile, the Papua Police named four civilians as suspects in the same case, namely APL or Jeck, DU, R, and RMH who is still on the run.

Komnas HAM commissioner Choirul Anam said his party found that the involvement of the 20/Ima Jaya Keramo Raider Infantry Brigade in various violations and crimes stretches back to 2019. "There has been a record of cases since 2019," said Choirul.

Choirul asked the TNI Commander to probe the involvement of the 20/Ima Jaya Keramo Raider Infantry Brigade soldiers in business in Mimika. He said the six soldier suspects were involved in the diesel fuel trading business in Timika.

Through diesel trade, they met with the four Mimika murder victims. Komnas HAM's initial monitoring in Timika found a diesel storage warehouse with a capacity of 28,000 l.

"The warehouse is close to the port. We found that there are business partners related to diesel, as well as a WhatsApp group that talks about the diesel business," Choirul said.

In addition to finding out about the diesel business, Komnas HAM also found that one of the soldiers of the Raider 20/Ima Jaya Keramo Infantry Brigade had an assembled weapon allegedly made in Bandung, West Java. His possession of such a weapon was known to his superior who held the rank of major and was also a suspect in the murder and mutilation case.

Komnas HAM also found a track record of involvement of soldiers of the Raider 20/Ima Jaya Keramo Infantry Brigade in the ammunition trade in Papua.

Choirul explained that the case of arms trafficking by soldiers of the unit has been legally processed. However, the involvement of six soldiers in the murder and mutilation of four Nduga residents, the possession of homemade firearms by one of the soldiers, along with the track record of soldiers' involvement in the diesel business show that there are problems in the enforcement of discipline and supervision of the unit.

Komnas HAM believes it is important for the TNI Commander to evaluate the unit in order to support the TNI's efforts to form professional soldiers who do not violate the law.

"Komnas HAM RI encourages an evaluation of the 20/Ima Jaya Keramo Raider Infantry Brigade regarding members' business, weapons ownership by members, and ammunition sales by members. There is a track record. We saw directly the weapons, which were owned by members of the unit, and it turned out that the weapons were assembled. So it is important to evaluate the unit, including in relation to the diesel fuel business. We believe that the TNI Commander, the Army Chief of Staff, and the Commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command want a professional TNI and want to keep the TNI away from businesses that violate the law," Choirul said. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/tni-commander-asked-to-evaluate-20-ima-jaya-keramo-following-mutilation-involving-soldiers