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A day of drama as political parties scramble to register for 2024 elections

Kompas.com - August 15, 2022

Vitorio Mantalean. Jakarta – The General Election Commission (KPU) officially closed registrations for political parties wanting to take part in the 2024 elections on Sunday August 14 at 11.59 pm, having opened registrations on Monday August 1.

On the last day of registration, there were several dramatic moments in the final hours of the process before it was declared that 40 political parties had officially registered with the KPU.

Delayed arrival

A number of political parties delayed their scheduled arrival at the KPU because their documents were still incomplete. The One Republic Party (PRS) postponed their arrival from 10 am to 10 pm and the National Integrationist Party (PPB) from 2 pm to 10.30 pm.

The One Republic Party's delay proved to be useful because the party become one of the parties whose registration documents were declared complete, out of nine parties which had registered yesterday.

Boxes of paper documents

In total there were six political parties that handed over party membership documents physically on the last day of registration because their progress in uploading the data to the KPU's Political Party Information System (Sipol) was far from complete.

The six parties were the Indonesian Unity in Diversity Party (PBI), the Village Awakening Movement Party (Perkasa), the Indonesian Sovereign Country Party (Pandai), the Peace and Love for the Nation Party (PDKB), the Congress Party and the People's Sovereignty Party (PKR).

Out of these six parties, it was the Perkasa Party which grabbed most attention because arrived with a pickup truck filled with party documents totalling 25 large container boxes from 34 provinces.

Meanwhile, the Pandai Party, a creation of famous lawyer Farhat Abbas was the party which took the longest to complete its registration documents. Pandai had officially registered with the KPU on the first day of registration, August 1, but only completed its documents physically on Sunday evening.

The physical documents belonging to the six parties were then handed over to a KPU representative and witnessed by a representative from the Elections Supervisory Board (Bawaslu).

Ballad of the People's Party

The People's Party failed to register with the KPU by the time registrations closed at 11.59 pm. Earlier, the party had confirmed that it would arrive at 10 pm at the latest.

It turned out that as of 10 pm there were still a number of political parties queuing to register. On the other hand, the People's Party's registration form had still not been signed by party leaders. Since their arrival, they had been held in the transit waiting area.

At 11.59 pm when all of the KPU commissioners including KPU Chairperson Hasyim Asy'ari held the registration closing ceremony, the People's Party was still not included on the attendance list in front of the KPU Secretary General.

"Today, August 14, 2022 at exactly 11.59 pm is the time limit for political party registration, thus we declare that the registration for candidate political parties taking part in the 2024 elections is declared closed", said Asy'ari.

16 parties pass registration stage

With the failure of the People's Party to register, 40 political parties have officially registered with the KPU to take part in the 2024 elections out of the 43 parties which had earlier accessed the KPU's Sipol.

The three parties that failed to register, aside from the People's Party, were the Student Party and the Peace and Prosperity Renewal Party (PDSP).

As many as 24 political parties are now certain to go on to the administrative verification stage after their registration documents were declared complete by the KPU. Sixteen other parties however still have to await a decision, which will be made today.

The political parties whose registration documents were declared complete will go on to the administrative variation stage, the results of which will be announced on September 14.

Specifically in the case of non-parliamentary parties, supposing they pass the administrative verification stage, they will be verified factually before being declared eligible to take part in the elections.

The following is a list of political parties whose registration documents were declared complete and will go on to the administrative verification stage:

1. Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P)
2. Justice and Unity Party (PKP)
3. Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS)
4. Star Crescent Party (PBB)
5. United Indonesia Party (Perindo)
6. National Democrats Party (NasDem)
7. Nusantara Awakening Party (PKN)
8. Indonesian Guardians of Change Party (Garuda)
9. Democrat Party
10. Indonesian People's Wave Party (Gelora)
11. People's Conscience Party (Hanura)
12. Greater Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra)
13. National Awakening Party (PKB)
14. Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI)
15. National Mandate Party (PAN)
16. Functional Group Party (Golkar)
17. United Development Party (PPP)
18. Justice and Prosperity People's Party (Prima)
19. Labour Party
20. Republican Party
21. Ummat Party
22. Indonesian My Republic Party
23. Voice of the Indonesian People's Party (Parsindo)
24. One Republic Party

Meanwhile the KPU is still examining the registration documents of 16 other political parties, namely:

1. Reformasi Party
2. Indonesian Sovereign Country Party (Pandai)
3. Indonesian People's Democratic Party (PDRI)
4. People's Sovereignty Party (PKR)
5. Working Party (Berkarya)
6. Voice of the Indonesian People's Party (Parsindo) [repeat in original]
7. Indonesian United Awakening Party (IBU)
8. Republic Working Party (PAKAR)
9. Indonesian Diversity Party (PBI)
10. National Guidance Party (PPB)
11. Village Awakening Movement Party (Perkasa)
12. Masyumi Party
13. Peace and Love for the Nation Party (PDKB)
14. Congress Party
15. National Integrationist Party (PPB)
16. People's Sovereignty Party (PKR)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Aneka Drama di Hari Penutupan Pendaftaran Partai Calon Peserta Pemilu 2024".]

Source: https://nasional.kompas.com/read/2022/08/15/05492621/aneka-drama-di-hari-penutupan-pendaftaran-partai-calon-peserta-pemilu-202