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KNPB: Don't let Victor Yeimo die in detention, prioritize treatment before the trial

Suara Papua - August 20, 2021

Arnold Belau, Jayapura – The West Papua National Committee (KNPB) emphasized that Victor Yeimo's treatment should be prioritized before conducting a trial at the District Court.

"We want to prioritize treatment. Victor Yeimo's health must come first. Don't let Victor Yeimo die in detention," said Agus Kossay, Head of the Central KNPB to Suarapapua.com in Jayapura City, Friday (20/8/2021).

Agus Kossay said that the Papuan Police and the Prosecutor's Office had deliberately left Victor Yeimo in the custody of the Mobile Brigade Command Headquarters. According to him, there is a dirty plan in motion and therefore Yeimo remains isolated at the Mobile Brigade Command Headquarters.

"We suspect that there is a plan to kill him in the custody of the Mobile Brigade Command Headquarters because Victor has been detained for three months without regard to his health until today, "said Kossay.

He explained that Victor Yeimo's arrest was carried out without showing an arrest warrant on May 9, 2021 in Jayapura City. He said he was surprised because the arrest warrant was issued after he was arrested.

"An arrest without showing an arrest warrant is an act against the law. We believe that Victor's arrest was intentional in order to kill him in custody because the reason for the arrest of the racism case is illogical because the racism case has been completed," said Agus.

Agus demanded that Victor Yeimo be released because his prison term has passed however, he is still being held and isolated.

"The arrest process is not according to procedure. He has been detained for three months. He served his first prison term of 30 days. Then it was extended again to 60 days. After that they extended it again to 90 days. According to the Criminal Code, the period of detention has passed and he must be released because during the examination, no physical or non-physical evidence was found," he explained.

He also stated that in the examination and investigation of Victor no evidence was found. Extending the detention period to 90 days is against the law.

"Victor Yeimo has served 90 days or 3 months in prison, it's not fair. For the sake of law and justice he must be released because the rights of the suspect have not been complied with by the police which has caused him to get sick," he stressed again.

Ones Suhuniap, the National Spokesperson for the Central KNPB added, the transfer of files from the police to the prosecutor's office was carried out online on August 6, 2021. According to him, what the police did when handing over Victor's file violated the law.

"There is no rule in the law that stipulates that the submission of the suspects files from a police investigator to the public prosecutor can be done online. If the files have been transferred, it means that they must also arrange for the transfer of the detainee from being a police detainee to being detained by prosecutors not left in the Mobile Police Command Headquarters," Ones added.

The Indonesian government, through the Papuan Police Chief and the Papuan High Prosecutor's Office, treats Victor Yeimo the same as a terrorist who must be isolated and denied access to meet relatives and family.

"Victor is not a terrorist. He's a fighter for peace. But the state treats him like a terrorist. Access to meet with family and relatives is currently limited. This is what has caused Victor Yeimo to fall ill. Physically and psychologically he is depressed," explained Suhun.

Suhun assesses that the Papuan Police detained Victor Yeimo for 3 months, detained him without fulfilling the suspect's rights to receive treatment, denied visits from family, relatives, clergy and very poor access to health care. All of this was done so that the public and his family don't know what the Police are doing to Victor in the Mobile Police Command Headquarters.

"If there are no other motives, why limit access to health, access to meet with family and receive visits from clergy. Also the imprisonment has lasted 90 days. The Prosecutor's Office should transfer him to the public jail but they have left Victor in the Mobile Police Command Headquarters. What is this? What is the plan of the Papuan Police and the Papuan Attorney's Office?," he questioned.

According to Agus, Victor's condition, that he was sick and did not receive any treatment from the Health Department, was discovered after a lawyer visited Victor.

"He was already sick but the Papuan Police were silent. And the Papuan Police said Victor Yeimo was not sick. The Papuan Police lied to the public. The Papuan people know that Victor is sick and his condition is not healthy from his lawyer, "said Suhun.

Due to the unprocedural arrest of the Papuan Police and Victor's increasingly critical health condition at the Mobile Police Command detention centre, there has been an extraordinary public reaction.

The overwhelming public pressure embarrassed the police and the Attorney General's Office. So they invited a team of doctors from Jayapura Dok II Hospital to check on Victor Yeimo's health at the Mobile Brigade Headquarters on 13 August. However, the results of the health examination are still being questioned by the public because until now they do not know exactly what illness Victor has in detention.

On August 20, 2021, Victor was again referred to the Doc II Hospital for a health check. From the information obtained by Suara Papua, Victor went to Doc II Hospital for a chest x-ray and abdominal ultrasound.

"We ask that Victor's health and treatment be prioritized before the trial process is carried out in the District Court. We believe that the public prosecutor's office and the police are neglecting Victor Yeimo's health" said Suhun.

Based on concern over Victor Yeimo's health condition and for the sake of humanity, the KNPB leadership convey the following:

  • The High Prosecutor's Office, the Papua Police and the Jayapura District Court should immediately announce the results of Victor Yeimo's medical examination by a doctor from the Jayapura Hospital in an open and transparent manner to his family and to his organization and to the public.
  • We urge the Papuan High Court, Public Prosecutor, Jayapura District Court and Papuan Police to immediately stop the legal process in court against Victor Yeimo before the results of the health examination are released by doctors and related parties so that he can receive treatment.
  • We urge the Papuan High Prosecutor's Office to immediately transfer Victor Yeimo from the Mobile Brigade Command Headquarters and provide access to treatment to the hospital so that his health can recover before the legal process in court.
  • The results of Victor Yeimo's medical examination should be immediately released to his family and lawyers as well as to organizations representing the Papuan people because Victor Yeimo belongs to the Papuan people.
  • We urge the Indonesian government, the National Police Chief, the Papuan Police, the Papuan High Prosecutor's Office and the district court to immediately stop the legal process against Victor Yeimo because the arrest and detention of the PRP and KNPB Spokesperson was without any legal basis. Victor Yeimo must be released unconditionally by law because he has passed his 90-day prison term.

If our demands are not met, then we will mobilize the Papuan people to occupy all police stations throughout Papua, from Sorong to Merauke.

Source: https://suarapapua.com/2021/08/20/knpb-dont-let-victor-yeimo-die-in-detention-prioritize-treatment-before-the-trial