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Petition against supervision in Netflix, YouTube submitted to KPI

Tempo - August 14, 2019

Jakarta (Antara) – Dara Nasution, who initiated the online petition against content supervision in new entertainment platforms such as Netflix and YouTube, submitted the request signed by 75,000 people to the deputy head of Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Mulyo Hadi Purnomo today, August 14.

"Does local soap opera reflect the national character? Does local talk show exploit one's suffering display the national personality? I think it doesn't," said Dara Nasution, questioning the commission's function in monitoring contents in Indonesian TV programs.

The spokesperson of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) said that the commission should focus on the mandate of the Broadcasting Law and prove its success in preserving the national character in mainstream media, instead of overseeing Netflix programs.

KPI, Dara added, is only tasked to supervise public broadcasting institutions such as TV and radio, while new media including Netflix and YouTube have already been equipped with a monitoring feature, so its supervision would be unnecessary.

"Netflix and YouTube, as KPI concerned that it may harm the public, have had features of parental control and age-based classification of contents. KPI and the government only need to call all platform to educate parents to partake in the activation of the content restriction," she underlined.

Dara added that the petition gained support from 75,000 people within four days. "Our goal is to prevent KPI from overseeing Netflix, YouTube, and other platforms. Even if it [new media] later be monitored, it will not be KPI's job," she said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1235864/petition-against-supervision-in-netflix-youtube-submitted-to-kpi