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Timorese in hopital after being tortured

East Timor Human Rights Centre - May 13, 1998 (excerpts)

The East Timor Human Rights Centre (ETHRC) has received further information in relation to Sabino Barbosa Ximenes who was detained in Dili on 11 September, 1997, by members of SGI (Special Intelligence Unit).

ETHRC sources have confirmed that Ximenes is currently in hospital receiving treatment for injuries he sustained when he was subjected to torture and ill-treatment following his arrest.

The ETHRC reported that on the day of his arrest Ximenes was taken to a torture centre in Colmera, Dili (probably SGI headquarters), where it is believed he was subjected to electric shock, burnt with cigarettes, cut with razor blades and had his fingernails pulled out. He was then transferred to SGI headquarters in Baucau and subjected to intensive interrogation and further torture.

Indonesian authorities have accused Ximenes of being involved in the East Timorese clandestine resistance and having links with Falintil (East Timorese Armed Resistance). Prior to being hospitalised he was in detention at the Baucau Prison, awaiting his trial which is due to commence on 18 May. His trial may now be delayed while he receives medical treatment.