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Two East Timorese arrested during UNTIM students trial

MateBEAN - February 13, 1998

Dili – Security agents arrested two unidentified East Timorese youths, last Wednesday (11/2). The arrest took place near Dili State Court. At that time, the judge just began their hearing on the trial of six University of East Timor (UNTIM) students. They are accused of torturing Army soldiers in UNTIM campus. As MateBEAN had reported before, soldiers from nearby army battalion barrack attacked UNTIM campus and sprayed M-16 bullets to the building and damaging windowpanes and walls.

MateBEAN source in Dili said that the security officers found grenades on them. Police brought them to Dili Police Resort (Polres) Headquarters. Another MateBEAN sources doubted the police founding. "I doubted it. I tend to believe that they only brought posters to protest the trial. Such moments has always being used by East Timor freedom-fighters and anti-integration activists to demonstrate their feelings towards the Indonesian government," said one of our sources.

Up to this moment, there is still no information about the two. Journalists went to Polres HQ, but got nothing to confirm.