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Indonesia's future capital promises 6G internet, but blank spots remain a concern

Jakarta Globe - June 7, 2024

Fuad Iqbal Abdullah, Jakarta – Preparations for Indonesia's 79th Independence Day ceremony, set to take place in the future capital, the National Capital of Nusantara (IKN), on Aug. 17, are in full swing, including enhancements to the internet network. However, there are still areas in IKN without internet coverage, known as blank spots.

According to Communication and Informatics Minister Budi Arie Setiadi, the lack of population in Nusantara is the main reason for these blank spots.

"Some of the area is uninhabited, but Telkom has begun building infrastructure, and its capacity will be expanded," Budi told Beritasatu.com recently.

Budi attributed the uneven internet distribution in Nusantara to the high cost of telecommunication infrastructure.

Budi assured that residents in Nusantara will eventually have access to not just fast 5G internet, but also 6G, thanks to preparations by Indonesian mobile operators.

"Most operators plan to leap directly to 6G, skipping 5G, as even numbers are considered lucky," he noted.

While internet connectivity in Nusantara has improved, especially near the Presidential Palace, with some areas already covered by 4G networks, average speeds remain below 10 Mbps.

6G, the upcoming wireless communication technology, is seen as the successor to the existing 5G standard. According to 6Gworld, it promises speeds of up to 1 terabyte per second, 8000 times faster than the peak speed of 5G. Telecommunications giant Ericsson predicts that 6G internet could be accessible by the early 2030s.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/tech/indonesias-future-capital-promises-6g-internet-but-blank-spots-remain-a-concer