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Anies Baswedan reacts to support for Jakarta election candidacy

Tempo - June 7, 2024

Savero Aristia Wienanto, Eka Yudha Saputra, Jakarta – Anies Baswedan, former governor of Jakarta, responded to issues about the possibility of several parties nominating him as a candidate for the Jakarta 2024 election. He was rather reluctant on the subject.

"Well, we'll see, just let it flow," Anies told journalists after the celebration of King Charles III's birthday held by the British Embassy at the Ritz-Carlton in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, on Thursday evening, June 7.

Anies provided a similar response when inquired about the prospective endorsement of the National Awakening Party (PKB) and the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) for his gubernatorial candidacy. "Let it just flow," he added.

Previously, Chairman of the PKB Regional Election Desk, Abdul Halim Iskandar, mentioned that his party had tasked the PKB Jakarta Regional Leadership Council (DPW) chairman, Hasbiallah Ilyas, with liaising with Anies regarding the Jakarta election. When questioned about Anies potentially taking the competency and fitness assessment at the PKB, Halim said the process was dynamic.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chair of the Prosperous Justice Party's (PKS) advisory board, Hidayat Nur Wahid, said that the PKS DPW Jakarta had proposed Anies Baswedan as its gubernatorial candidate for Jakarta.

According to him, the PKS Jakarta chairman has informed the party's executive board that the coalition of the NasDem Party, PKS, and PKB had the potential to propose Anies based on the agreement among the three.

Meanwhile, PDIP DPP Chair Puan Maharani said that her party was contemplating extending support to Anies Baswedan in the forthcoming regional elections. "He is a compelling candidate," Puan said at the Parliament complex in Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday, June 4.

At the King Charles III's birthday party, Anies was seen chatting with former governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, who is also speculated to vying in the Jakarta election. He refused to reveal about their discussion. "He's a friend. An old friend," Anies Baswedan briefly said.

According to the Golkar Party DPP official, Ridwan Kamil may run in the Jakarta election race alongside Chairman of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), Kaesang Pangarep, who is President Jokowi's youngest son.

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