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New Starlink service costs twice the average internet bill in Indonesia

Jakarta Globe - May 20, 2024

Alfi Dinilhaq, Bali – Starlink internet service is now available in Indonesia following its official launch by Elon Musk in Bali on Sunday.

The Indonesian government hopes that Starlink's presence will enhance internet accessibility across the world's largest archipelago and reduce the number of internet black spots in remote areas.

Customers throughout Indonesia can access Starlink services starting at Rp 750,000 ($46.95) per month, more than twice the average amount Indonesians spend on internet service.

According to a survey by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), as of early 2024, the majority of home internet users (67.4 percent) subscribe to Wi-Fi services costing between Rp 100,000 and Rp 300,000 per month, while only 1.1 percent spend more than Rp 500,000 per month.

To access Starlink's internet services, prospective customers will need to acquire a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) device or signal receiver station. The VSAT device incurs a separate cost from the internet subscription fee.

According to Starlink.com, there are two types of VSAT devices available. The first type is designed for customers who will remain in one location, such as residential users and is priced at Rp 7.8 million. Still, you can get one for Rp 4.68 million until the promo ends on June 10 in Indonesia. The second type is intended for customers with high mobility, such as those using the service for active maritime operations, priced at Rp 43.72 million.

Starlink offers several internet service packages in Indonesia, ranging from personal to business packages. There are three types of packages available: Residential, Roaming, and Maritime.

The Residential package is the most affordable, priced at Rp 750,000 per month. This package is ideal for customers living in residential areas who need unlimited high-speed internet.

The Roaming package starts at Rp 990,000 per month and is designed for customers who frequently travel by land, such as those using campervans, living nomadic lifestyles, or often working in remote areas requiring high-speed internet. This package also includes a mobile priority option priced at Rp 4.34 million per month for 50 GB of internet data, paired with a VSAT device priced at Rp 43.72 million.

Lastly, the Maritime package starts at Rp 4.34 million per month for 50 GB of internet data. This package includes global service coverage, suitable for travel and sailing, with network priority. Additionally, there are options for a package priced at Rp 17.16 million per month for 1 TB of internet data and another at Rp 8.6 million per month.

Upon completion of registration, the device will be shipped after payment confirmation. The residential VSAT device will be delivered within one to two weeks, while the roaming and maritime VSAT devices will take longer, with an estimated delivery time of three to four weeks.

According to APJII, the internet penetration rate in Indonesia reached 79.5 percent in 2024. However, the distribution of penetration remains uneven across regions. Here are the internet penetration rates in Indonesia in 2024 by island/region, listed from highest to lowest:

  • Java: 83.64 percent
  • Kalimantan: 77.42 percent
  • Sumatra: 77.34 percent
  • Bali and Nusa Tenggara: 71.8 percent
  • Maluku and Papua: 69.91 percent
  • Sulawesi: 68.35 percent

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/tech/new-starlink-service-costs-twice-the-average-internet-bill-in-indonesi