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Indonesian govt launches Pancasila labor guide

Antara News - May 1, 2024

Jakarta – On the occasion of International Workers' Day on May 1, the Indonesian government launched the Pancasila Industrial Relations Implementation Guide to encourage industrial relations with the national ideology.

Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah said that she had signed a ministerial decision approving the Pancasila industrial relations guide on March 28.

"The signing of Ministerial Decision No. 76 of 2024 is expected to provide understanding about the importance of Pancasila values in the business sector," she emphasized during the Workers' Day commemoration event on Wednesday.

The guide stated that the six tenets of Pancasila-based industrial relations comprise prioritizing collective interests between the workers, employers, society, and government; cooperation between employers and workers as mutually dependent on each other; and functional relations and work division.

The three other tenets are prioritizing familial principles, creating business and working harmony, and improving prosperity.

Meanwhile, the two harmonious industrial relations principles based on Pancasila are familial and mutual assistance that reflect the unity of the Indonesian nation and consensus decision-making based on mutual respect for achieving common goals.

Pancasila-based industrial relations would encourage workers to present their ideas for the company's progress without fear, support bipartite cooperation institutions, and help workers' unions develop with an orientation on work productivity for the company's progress, Fauziyah explained.

She also highlighted the need for solidarity based on social initiatives to selflessly contribute to support and ease each other's burden in workplaces.

She expressed hope that Pancasila-based industrial relations would realize harmonious relations between workers and employers in the workplace.

"I wish to see parties in industrial relations agree to implement Pancasila-based industrial relations in companies to help realize business resilience and a harmonious work environment to achieve prosperity for all," Fauziyah remarked.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/312249/indonesian-govt-launches-pancasila-labor-guid