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Allegations of civilian abuse and home burning by TNI spark tensions in Ilaga

Tabloid Jubi - February 7, 2024

Nabire, Jubi – The Puncak Ilaga Command of The West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) has accused the Indonesian Military (TNI) of burning civilian homes and assaulting civilians, resulting in one death and two severe injuries.

Puncak Ilanda Commander of the TPNPB, Numbuk Telengen, reported to Jubi in a phone call on Sunday, February 4, 2024, that the TNI was conducting a pursuit operation against TPNPB members who had seized weapons earlier.

Previously, TPNPB members managed to seize weapons at Amenggaru Ilaga Airport. Failed to find TPNPB members, the TNI allegedly tortured three civilians and set fire to civilian homes.

"One civilian was tortured and died, while two other civilians who were tortured by security forces are still being treated at home," TPNPB Spokesperson Sebby Sambom claimed to Jubi in a WhatsApp message on Monday.

Sambom claimed to have received an official report regarding the incident from TPNPB leaders in Ilaga.

Sambom said that the TNI also participated in burning down civilian homes in Kepala Air Kali Ila's Agayome and Yenggerenok villages. In addition, Sambom said, a pastor named Eriak Waker and his congregation were interrogated and physically abused.

"We consider that the TNI has violated humanitarian law by not pursuing the TPNPB but instead assaulting civilians, pastors, and burning down the people's houses," he said.

Previously reported, joint TNI and police forces claimed to have killed one TPNPB member named Warinus Murib in a shootout between them and the TPNPB following the burning incident of the Omukia Health Center in Omukia District, Puncak Regency, Central Papua Province on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

"In that incident, the security forces also managed to capture two individuals suspected of being part of the TPNPB group with the initials AM and DK, both were injured," said spokesperson of the Cartenz Peace Operation Task Force Adj. Sr. Comr. Bayu Suseno on Sunday.

According to Bayu, in the shooting, joint forces also managed to seize several pieces of evidence belonging to the TPNPB group in the Kepala Air area led by Jacky Murib, such as firearms, Morning Star flags, and ammunition. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/allegations-of-civilian-abuse-and-home-burning-by-tni-spark-tensions-in-ilaga