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Family demands justice for slain relative in Papua, urges fair legal process for soldier perpetrator

Tabloid Jubi - January 7, 2024

Sentani, Jubi – The family of Daud Bano, a resident of Kwansu Village in Kemtuk District, Jayapura Regency who died after being slain by an Indonesian Military (TNI) soldier, requests that the perpetrator be fairly and openly prosecuted.

"We demand that the TNI perpetrator be processed under fair and transparent legal procedures," said the spokesperson for the victim's family, Seblon Dwaa, on Thursday, 14 January 2021.

The murder of Daud Bano occurred in Karya Bumi Village, Nablong District, Jayapura Regency, on Monday morning. Karya Bumi Village, situated in Besum, has been a settlement for transmigrants in Namblong District since 1976. The news of Daud Bano's death incited anger among the masses, leading the residents of Karya Bumi Village to seek refuge in three villages in Nimbokrang District.

Dwaa mentioned that Bano was taken to the Genyem Community Health Center but couldn't be saved and passed away. Before the slashing occurred, Daud Bano and the perpetrator had a disagreement.

"On New Year's Eve, they were drinking, then in the morning, they shook hands. There was an argument between them when the TNI member returned from duty. After a clash, he went home with a friend, and they clashed again. The perpetrator swung a machete, hitting him in the neck. He was taken to the clinic but couldn't be saved due to excessive bleeding," he explained.

Dwaa stated that they had approached the XVII/Cenderawasih Military Command. The perpetrator has been detained at Korem 172/PWY in Padang Bulan.

Dwaa also mentioned that the community's demands and aspirations had been submitted to the Grime Nawa Customary Council. He stated that this issue would be discussed with the Jayapura Regency Government in Kwansu Village on Friday.

Demands of the indigenous community

According to Dwaa, the local indigenous community also demands that the status of the land, which is the location of Karya Bumi Village, be resolved. He mentioned that there hasn't been a customary release of that land yet.

"They may have certificates, but in Papua, customary rights need to be acknowledged. So far, there hasn't been any acknowledgement. That's why the residents demand a quick resolution to the issue of the Besum land," he explained.

Dwaa mentioned that the transmigrant-occupied land is approximately 360 hectares. He stated that the land belongs to several tribes originating from Sumbe Village, Hamonggrang Village, Kwansu Village, and several other villages.

"There are multiple tribes, not just one. There has not been a release document for the land, and during the time of our ancestors in 1974, during the Soeharto era, it was taken for transmigrants. Until now, the residents still demand recognition of their customary rights," he added.

Dwaa said that there has not been a specific compensation demand for that customary land yet. However, he reminded that the local indigenous community has repeatedly asked the Jayapura Regency Government to swiftly resolve the issue of land compensation.

"It has been discussed numerous times with the Jayapura Regency Government. Last year, there was even a road blockade. After the death of the victim, they unified these demands as their stance," he stated.

Dwaa mentioned that they would once again open discussions after the talks between the local indigenous community and the Jayapura Regency Government. He assured that the community has no intention of causing chaos and guarantees that peace will be restored as before.

The Head of Karya Bumi Village, Mariana, mentioned that residents have inhabited Karya Bumi Village since 1976. He mentioned that the residents also possess land certificates. Muryani urged the Jayapura Regency Government to promptly resolve the land issue. Currently, Karya Bumi Village is inhabited by 1,329 people. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/family-demands-justice-for-slain-relative-in-papua-urges-fair-legal-process-for-soldier-perpetrator