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Artificial rain unsuccessful, Jakarta govt plans to spray water from top of buildings

Tempo - August 24, 2023

Advist Khoirunikmah, Jakarta – Head of Jakarta Environmental Department Asep Kuswanto revealed the plan formulated by the BMKG and BRIN to install generators at the top of several buildings in Jakarta. The government plans to spray water from the top of buildings as part of the effort to reduce air pollution in Jakarta.

"There is no weather modification, just spraying water from the top of buildings," he said when confirmed about the generators on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

Previously, Asep said that weather modification technology is difficult to implement in Jakarta as clouds are sparse, as proven by unsuccessful attempts. The first attempt at artificial rain only managed to create a light rain outside of Jakarta.

However, according to the Co-Founder of Bicara Udara (Air Talks), Novia Natalia, spraying water from the top of buildings is not an effective measure to reduce air pollution in Jakarta. "Scientifically, just how tall are these buildings? [Spraying water] needs to be at a higher level [to be successful]," said Novia on Wednesday.

Novia recommends the provincial government of Jakarta identify the root of the air pollution supported by strong and valid data through the distribution of low-cost censors. She added that the identification process has to be accompanied by data calibration. "[Identification] is more effective short-term," she said.

Increasing the number of censors, according to Novia, will boost public awareness of air pollution and prompt them to take the best personal steps to anticipate the pollution.

Novia said that her agency has discussed it with the Health Ministry since January this year. They agreed that a framework for health protocol during worsening air pollution is necessary. "We have discussed [the need for protocol] since before the air pollution in Jakarta became viral," she said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1763512/artificial-rain-unsuccessful-jakarta-govt-plans-to-spray-water-from-top-of-building