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Contract-based government employees can regularly earn raise

Jakarta Globe - July 27, 2023

Jakarta – Contract-based government employees who meet a set of requirements can regularly get salary increases as long as they meet the criteria, according to a 2023 ministerial regulation.The Ministry for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms of the Republic of Indonesia has issued a ministerial regulation on the contract-based workers' raise. There was previously no regulation on the salary increases.

"The contract-based government employees who are eligible to regularly earn a raise are those whose contract spans more than two years. As well as those who have met certain criteria," Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms of the Republic of Indonesia Abdullah Azwar Anas was quoted as saying in a press statement on Thursday.

For instance, they must earn a good score in their annual assessment for the past two years.

Those whose pay falls under the so-called Category V are exempted from this rule. They can get the raise in their first year, as long as they get a good score in their initial annual assessment. But the two-year-rule will apply for the Category V workers once they enter their second year.

According to Anas, contract workers will also get "special raises" if they earn excellent scores on their annual assessment for two years in a row and are considered a role model in their workplace.

The salary increases also apply to the employees who have signed a contract extension.

An authorized official will make the decision whether an employee deserves a raise. The official may also appoint someone to make a decision. The said official's document on the raise should include the following data: the employee's name; identification number; class/position; contract duration; contract extension; work unit; previous salary; new salary; years of work; and when the new salary will come into effect.

"This regulation is a follow-up to the 2020 presidential regulation on contract-based government workers' salary and allowance," Anas said.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/special-updates/contractbased-government-employees-can-regularly-earn-rais