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DPR questions salaries for employees in new capital city

Tempo - April 5, 2023

Amelia Rahima Sari, Jakarta – The House of Representatives (DPR) questioned the salaries of employees in the new capital city or IKN Nusantara that have not been paid for months allegedly due to the lack of Presidential Regulation on the matter.

The House's Commission II member, Guspardi Gaus, opined that President Jokowi should quickly issue the regulation.

"Making a Perpres (Presidential Regulation) is easy, it can be done in an hour. How long has it taken? This takes too long," Guspardi told Tempo on Tuesday, April 4.

According to him, the Perpres should not be a reason for the late payment of the employee's wages. When asked about who drafts the Perpres, Guspardi said the President only signed it, so the policy is designed by the leading sector, such as the Finance Ministry.

"Studies are indeed needed but don't take a long time. How come the Perpres has not been issued [to date]?" said the PAN politician.

Guspardi then quoted a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which stated that workers' dues should be given before their sweat dries up. He also claimed to have not received information regarding the number of employees who have not got their wages and the amounts because the hearing with the IKN Authority was limited.

"So because of the short amount of time, Pak Bambang (Head of the IKN Authority) said that a written answer would be submitted to Commission II," Guspardi concluded.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1711406/jokowi-claims-basic-need-prices-drop-ahead-of-eid-al-fit