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Another teenager killed in Bogor as kids continue to jump in front of moving trucks for content

Coconuts Jakarta - January 16, 2023

The foolish and deadly social media trend involving teenagers daring each other to jump in front of moving trucks has claimed another life in Bogor Regency, West Java.

One video that has been making the rounds online depicts the final moments of a male teenager, who is identified by his initial I, when he performed the dare while his friends filmed from afar.

As the boy's body lay on the road, only then did we hear his friends saying, "Let's go help him out."

Bogor Police said yesterday that they suspect there is an active community of young daredevils in the regency, and that they are hunting the group and its leaders.

The truck driver may face questioning for a possible hit-and-run, as he kept driving after running over the teenager.

The truck "challenge," as it is called on social media, is not exactly a new trend. Though there is no official data on casualties related to the challenge, police have said that adults have been trying to stop the teenagers from senselessly risking their lives, but their pleas have mostly fallen on deaf ears.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/another-teenager-killed-in-bogor-as-kids-continue-to-jump-in-front-of-moving-trucks-for-content