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Labor Party holds mass protest at Jakarta's State Palace

Tempo - October 12, 2022

M Faiz Zaki, Jakarta – Members of the Labor Party will conduct simultaneous mass protests across 34 provinces on Wednesday with the Jakarta State Palace becoming the meeting point for members from the West Java, Banten, and Jakarta regions. The protest in Jakarta will reportedly see 50,000 people mobilized to the streets.

Labor Party President Said Iqbal in his written statement wrote that they will deliver six demands in the protests, with one of them pushing the government to lower fuel prices.

"There are at least six demands that will be brought up. Reject the increase in fuel prices, reject the omnibus law (Law on job creation), increase the 2023 minimum wage by 13 percent, reject the threat of layoffs in the midst of a global recession, agrarian reform, and ratify the Domestic Work Bill," Iqbal wrote in his statement today.

He considers the fuel price hike has greatly reduced people's purchasing power. The soaring prices of basic commodities were also not followed by an increase in workers' wages.

"The inflation that is felt by the workers is three components. First, for the food group, inflation has reached 5 percent. Second, transportation increased by 20-25 percent. And the third category is the housing group. Where rents increased by 10-12.5 percent," he said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1644408/labor-party-holds-mass-protest-at-jakartas-state-palac