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Ferdy Sambo's Consortium 303 allegedly linked to human trafficking

Tempo - September 22, 2022

Tempo, Jakarta – Chairman of the Migrant Care Migration Study Center, Anis Hidayah, said there are suspicions that the human trafficking case in Cambodia could be linked to the Consortium 303 of Ferdy Sambo. The consortium came under the spotlight following the murder investigation of Brigadier J a.k.a. Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat.

"We suspect that some of the victims were linked to the 303 consortium. The network is connected, including the 303 consortium," Anis said during the Emergency Discussion on Human Trafficking held at the USA Embassy in Jakarta, Wednesday, September 21.

Anis said they have received 183 reports from victims of trafficking from May to September 2022. The victims said that they fell into the trap in several areas in Cambodia such as in Sihanoukville, Chinatown, Bavet, Poipet, and Phnom Penh. Not only Cambodia, these syndicates are also connected to networks in the Philippines, Laos, Medan, and several regions in Indonesia.

The victims, Anis said, were lured by overseas job vacancies posted on social media. The applicants are then flown to the destination countries where they were forced to become operators of online gambling and fraudulent investments. Especially for online gambling, said Anis, Indonesians were the main targets of the syndicates.

"The wealthy bosses are connected to power, military, international syndicates," Anis said.

According to data from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, in 2022 hundreds of Indonesians have become victims of trafficking; 422 in Cambodia, 97 in the Philippines, 142 in Myanmar, 35 in Laos, and 21 in Thailand. Anis said some of them have not been evacuated.

Consortium 303 became a hot topic after Ferdy Sambo was suspected to have masterminded the murder of Brigadier J. The consortium reportedly paid a sum of money to the police officers.

The Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) even said that the consortium has its headquarters in Jakarta, a house just 200 meters from the National Police Headquarters.

IPW chairman, Sugeng Teguh Santosa, blatantly mentioned the involvement of the 303 Consortium in the case. He said that one of the consortium's senior officials, Robert Priantono Bonosusatya, owns the private jet used by Brig. Gen. Hendra Kurniawan to meet Brigadier J's family in Jambi on July 11, 2022. Hendra left for Jambi on the orders of Ferdy Sambo.

Robert had denied the accusation despite admitting that he knows Hendra. He also threatened to file a police report on the IPW.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1637135/ferdy-sambos-consortium-303-allegedly-linked-to-human-traffickin